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Belief comes from doing, not reading.

Tapan Ghosh

Jab Rishte Pe Hoti Hai, Kudrat Ki Meherbaani | Romantic Poetry

Jab rishte pe hoti hai, kudrat ki meherbaaniKhil utthta hain, leke noor aasmaani Aisa rishta, toote se na tooteAise dilbar ka saath, kabhi na choote Phir laakh toofan, chaahe kyun na aayeinIs rishte par ...

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S1E21: Shom and Raima Have a Tiff

Raima continues the recollection of her time with Khush. She and Khush head for Jampore beach, Daman after being directed by the vigilance chief to stay on the Land Yacht. She seeks Khush’s help to be with Shom. High on weed, she accuses him of taking advantage of Shom’s goodness. To clear the misunderstanding, Khush is forced to reveal Shom’s identity to Raima. He urges her to move out of Shom’s life. Confronted by this reality, Raima wonders whether she can live without Shom.

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