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Sometimes In, Sometimes Out…

Abide by social norms, and at times floutBetter to be sometimes in and sometimes out Balance heart and mind, stick to the norms withinYou need to be sometimes out and sometimes in Let’s not tear ourselves, ...

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S1E23: Shom and Raima on the Beach

Shom is keen to know about the Saif chapter in Raima’s life. She tells him that Saif was a reclusive person who could not bring himself to make the initial moves to woo her. Being extra sensitive, he was apprehensive about being rejected. Their relationship took off after a meeting at Taj Lands End. However, it was not destined to last. There was something about Saif that bothered Raima. An inner voice told her that he was not meant for her.

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Everything happens with a purpose. Don’t plan and defeat the purpose.

Tapan Ghosh