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It's not your makeup but how you are made up.

Tapan Ghosh

Bhula Dunga Main Tumhein, Zara Sabr To Karo

Bhula dunga main tumhein, zara sabr to karoRag rag mein basi ho, kuch lihaaz to karo Kudarat se to hum do jism ek jaan hainPar haqeeqat me ye sirf ek armaan hai Zindagi ne hume hardam juda rakhaHaalaat ne ...

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S1E24: Shom with Khush

Shom and Raima arrive at Harry’s factory. Raima loves the place and asks Harry to show her around. Shom and Khush reminisce about the past. Khush reassures Shom that Saif was locked up in a heavily fortified prison with little possibility of breaking free. Shom recalls the time when he had passed out on hearing from the driver of the Land Yacht that Khush and Raima had been together. On coming around, he had decided to temporarily cut contact with the world and introspect. The soul-searching had made him realise that his love for Raima had to be unconditional. He could not be possessive about her. Attachment and ego would only hurt him. His doubts had cleared the next morning when Raima and Khush had turned up at his place.

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