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Stop trying. True love is beyond definition.

Tapan Ghosh

S1E25: Shom Meets Aneesha

On the way back from Harry’s factory, it is Shom’s turn to narrate his side of the story when Raima and Khush had been uncontactable ten years ago.Repeated failed attempts at contacting Raima had left him in a state of anxiety. He had even suspected it to be Khush’s ploy to get Raima out of his life.In desperation, he had visited one of Khush’s favourite hangouts and drunk himself silly with a shemale acquaintance of Khush.Getting through to the driver had only infuriated him further. The driver had driven Khush and Raima to Daman.The absence of contact with Raima, the aftereffects of excessive drinking and the driver’s report had been too much for Shom to handle any more.

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