Tapan Ghosh

  • Salvation in Love: All’s Well That Ends Well

    I told Anusha that I had planned things so that we could get together. Shobha was a cougar and that worked well for Sanjeev. It was a win-win situation.

  • Salvation in Love: A 15-year Wait

    Anusha came to know that Shobha was my wife. Not worthy of Anusha, I had moved away from her 15 years ago. She had been angry, but now I had got her back.

  • Salvation in Love: Rendezvous at the Cafe

    Shobha, Sanjeev and I were in the cafe. When Sanjeev’s wife Anusha arrived, she and Shobha arguedover Sanjeev spending time at Shobha’s dental clinic.

  • Khubsoorti Charon Taraf Hai | Motivational Hindi Video

    0 1. Khubsoorti charon taraf hai, parakhne ki nazar chahiye Duaaen asar layengi, dil mein hausla jagaiye Duniya ke daav-pech mein ulajhne se kya haasil Khud se khel kheliye, khudhi ko aazmaaiye Jo hai wo is pal mein hai, abhi nahin to kabhi nahin Beeti baaatein bhoolkar, hansiye, zaraa muskuraaiye Baat ho, mulaqaat ho, to

  • Meetha Dard | Hindi Love Shayari

    0 1. Meetha Dard: Maana ke kadwa sach dard le aaye Lekin phir bhi meetha kehlaaye Ek tarfa pyaar karnewalon ka hota hai yahi anjaam Kisi ka ho jaana hai maqsad, duniya se hai kya kaam Sab ke andar, bas ek wohi hai samaaya Jiski aankhon mein dekha, wohi nazar aaya Sansaarik roop to humne,

  • The Purity of Love | True Love | Love Poetry | Romantic Poetry

    0 1. The purity of love that I found in a person, I now find everywhere. I longed for the purity of love that I found in you. I was at a loss when you were not there. My memories were all I had to live for. They became a part of me. I found

  • Rich & Famous | Best Motivational Video

    0 1. Rich & Famous: You want to get rich to become famous, or famous to get rich? These are two different goals, that, once committed, you cannot switch Once you are rich, you do become famous And when you’re famous, you pretend to be gracious When you lose your wealth, you also lose your

  • Do Not Live With A Single Identity | Best Motivational Video

    0 1. You can survive but not live with a single identity. Are we really living? Are we allowed to do what we want to do? The moment we use the word allowed, it means we have to seek permission. This is not living. If we do the things we desire, we will not be

  • Discover Yourself | Best Motivational Video

    0 1. Only those who are lost to the world find themselves. We do not look for ourselves because worldly pressures do not give us the time or the energy to look within. To do anything which is outside the framework of social norms is looked down upon. For some of us, to be lost

  • Out Of Your Mind | Best Motivational Video

    0 1. Only when you are out of your mind, will you think out of the box Only when you are pushed to the wall, will you pull up your socks Only when you are out of your mind, will you question convention Break free from the crowd and attract all round attention Only when

  • Apni Pehchaan Banao | Motivational Hindi Shayari Video

    0 1. Apni pehchaan banaao ya phir aazaad ho jaao Aazaadi kahaan jab sabki nazron me aao? Aazaadi tab hai jab na kiski suno, na kisiko sunaao Aazaad panchi ki taraah, chaahe jahaan ud jaao Aazaad pyaar mein samajhne ki na samjhaane ki zaroorat Na roop se, na rang se, pyaar wo jo kare khud

  • How Can You Define God | Thought Provoking Video

    0 1. How can you define God, if you don’t even know yourself? When you don’t know yourself, you are living a lie. The God of your imagination is also a lie. So defining God will be embarrassing. You are the creation of purity, you are the creation of nature. God resides in you. You