Tapan Ghosh

  • S2E46: A New Beginning

    Harry considers Sheila his dream come true. He recalls some old incidents. Full recall happens when he is taken to his factory. He is reunited with Swapna soon.

  • As You Sow, So Shall You Reap | Best Motivational Video

    0 If you are a good influence, you’ll be under one too. If you live by the gun, you die by the gun. As you sow, so shall you reap. Tit for tat. To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Likewise, when you smile at someone, you are certain to receive a

  • Learning From Each Other | Best Motivational Video

    0 Learning from each other brings you closer to God than learning from a single teacher. Learning from each other’s experience is learning from nature, which is where all the experience comes from. This is the variety of experience that nature provides. This is the way you absorb what appeals to you. And sharing thoughts

  • Nazron Se Nazrein Milaao | Motivational Hindi Shayari Video

    0   Na jhukaane ke liye hai, na kataane ke liye hai Sar wo cheez hai jo shaan se uthaane ke liye hai Sar udaa dene ki soch ghuroor-o-nafrat se khaali nahin Auron ka sar jhukaana, apni kamzori chhupaane ke liye hai Apne aansu chupaaye rakhna, inki qadr nahin hoti Honthon ki muskurahat duniya ko

  • Accept Yourself | Best Motivational Video

    0   Only when you accept yourself will you accept others. When we believe that we accept others and accept what they tell us, we are in fact living in self-denial. This cannot happen unless we accept ourselves first. If we are still to accept ourselves, how can we accept anyone else? The journey of

  • S2E45: My Harry

    Swapna is in a state of shock. A week has gone by; the doctors have no answer and no one is allowed to visit. She sees Harry in a daydream and her spirits soar.

  • S2E44: My Swapna

    Harry and Swapna part. They decide not be dependent on each other, as in an attachment. It is not a breakup, which happens only in an attachment, not in love.

  • S2E43: Identity Crisis

    He could recall nothing about himself. He heard that his name was Harry. The female psychiatrist nursing him said that he was suffering from amnesia.

  • S2E42: Lost to the World

    Harry spends the night with Swapna. Later, Harry loses consciousness after slipping down in the shower. He is rushed to a hospital. All seems to be over.

  • S2E41: Bindaas!

    Harry and Sanjib reminisce about their school. Harry recalls being introduced to chillum by a sadhu, and the word bindaas by Dr Kanitkar in the 1960s.

  • S2E40: Worli-Bandra Sea Link

    With Anita, Shamiq discovers his physical abilities to be a giver. At Anu-Sanjib’s party, Harry talks about using stimulants to relieve the pressures of life.

  • S2E39: 01.01.2020

    Since everyone woke up late, brunch at Anu’s place was changed to dinner. Swapna arranged for a gift for Anu-Sanjib. Shamiq and Anita went for a couple massage.