Life is a sail boat ride. Wind, the destiny. But dammit, you are the sailor!

What is life but a journey across a vast ocean! And like any journey, it is full of highs and lows.

Favourable winds and storms, high and low tides, sunny skies and overcast conditions, fog and clear views stretching as far as the horizon. These conditions are extraneous features of the journey. They are a part of it and you, as the traveler, have little control over them.

 The difference lies in the approach

 The truth is that you have no control over them at all. They are like your destiny. You are born with one and it is an inalienable part of your life. It exerts its influence over you all the time. The difference lies in our approach. Like a sailor who blames the weather all the time and another who makes the best use of weather conditions.

Therein lies the difference. Some of us complain all the time, like the poor sailor who believes he can do no wrong. It is never his fault. Likewise, some of us never accept the fact that we have been wrong, or could have done things better. Others are to be blamed for our condition, our failure and our shortcomings.

 Planning and preparation is key

 The good sailor knows that he can encounter all kinds of weather conditions when he sets sail. He prepares himself before embarking on a journey. He uses favourable conditions to make quick progress. He knows that there may be times when he has to slow down to weather the storm.

Our progress in life depends on our attitude. Like the wise sailor, if we stop complaining and blaming others, we can make our journey more meaningful.

Author: Tapan Ghosh
Film maker, writer, thinker, rolled into one The creative me is a lot of fun. What you see here are my expressions true I hope they strike a chord within you.


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