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Her Unintended Smile | Love Poem by Tapan Ghosh

Her unintended smile just appeared and vanished All her dreams lay shattered and life tarnished Little did she know her dreams were intact Stay in your dreams as reality is not a fact Reality is an illusion the mind perceives While truth lies in what the heart conceives Relationships are bonds that leave the heart […]

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Detached Love | Detached Attachment

Detached Love: Attachment is the one and only hurdle on the path of love. We all can build an emotional immunity to counter attachment, just as we strengthen our physical immunity. You can enjoy attachment by being able to detach willingly. This is detached attachment. The only proof of detachment is the ability to detach […]

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Mature Love | Love is all the dearer in distance

Mature Love: Love is all the dearer in distance. Love is purer in solitude; physical presence is just a reality check. Solitude is not when you are alone. Solitude is when you are with yourself. Often, the memory of an incident is dearer than the moment itself. Cherish memories because they transport us from a […]

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