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  • As You Sow, So Shall You Reap | Best Motivational Video

    0 If you are a good influence, you’ll be under one too. If you live by the gun, you die by the gun. As you sow, so shall you reap. Tit for tat. To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Likewise, when you smile at someone, you are certain to receive a

  • Learning From Each Other | Best Motivational Video

    0 Learning from each other brings you closer to God than learning from a single teacher. Learning from each other’s experience is learning from nature, which is where all the experience comes from. This is the variety of experience that nature provides. This is the way you absorb what appeals to you. And sharing thoughts

  • Nazron Se Nazrein Milaao | Motivational Hindi Shayari Video

    0   Na jhukaane ke liye hai, na kataane ke liye hai Sar wo cheez hai jo shaan se uthaane ke liye hai Sar udaa dene ki soch ghuroor-o-nafrat se khaali nahin Auron ka sar jhukaana, apni kamzori chhupaane ke liye hai Apne aansu chupaaye rakhna, inki qadr nahin hoti Honthon ki muskurahat duniya ko

  • Accept Yourself | Best Motivational Video

    0   Only when you accept yourself will you accept others. When we believe that we accept others and accept what they tell us, we are in fact living in self-denial. This cannot happen unless we accept ourselves first. If we are still to accept ourselves, how can we accept anyone else? The journey of

  • Happy Republic Day 2020 | 26 January Republic Day | Motivational Video for All Indians

    0 Republic Day video, Happy Republic Day 2020 video, best motivational video for all Indians on this Republic Day 2020. Republic day is one of the most important days for our nation. But, we must work towards a world where fake news and the alternative truth are eliminated forever. Everything must be transparent. No hiding

  • Sab Kuch Badal Gaya | Hindi Love Shayari | Love Poem in Hindi

    0 Sab kuch badal gaya, rishta bhi khatm ho gaya Jo tha hamaare beech, wo bhasm ho gaya Din raat rishta nibhaaya, dil ne kuch kar dikhaaya Khushiyaan tumpe vaari, gham ko gale lagaaya Ab hum hain, siwaai tanhaai kaun hai hamaara Chehra hai nigaahon mein, yaadon ka hai sahaara Raha na koi thikaana, rahi

  • We Have No Right To Hunt Or Kill | Veganuary 2020 | Motivational Video

    0 Coincidence is not mere coincidence, it has its reasoning Though this logic is beyond our understanding We may well be meat eaters, but we have no right to hunt or kill Hunting rabbits, shooting geese is not sport, we kill for fun, at our will Insects have a short life, why should we make

  • What is Real Freedom | Attachment Vs Detachment | Motivational Video

    0 Real freedom is when you overcome the slavery of dependence. Attachment cannot be dumped. It has to be outgrown. This is a challenging and tedious process because it tests your love. Failing which you are a slave. When you go through this test, your love attains bliss. The process of detachment is free for

  • Free Love With No Strings Attached | True Love | Love Poetry | Romantic Poetry

    0 Free love with no strings attached is the purest form of physical and emotional encounters. When love is not with a purpose, it’s a dream come true. This is pure love. There is no attachment, no relationship, and so, no love lost. Every part of your body is in love. It is free, it

  • Agar Len-Den Karna Hai | Motivational Hindi Shayari Video

    0 Agar len-den karna hai to Uparwale se kyun nahin Wohi hamaara bhala kare, Uske siwa koi nahin Hamaare baare main Wo sub kuch hai jaanta Maloom karna hai, humse kya hai chahta Jab hum sab ke andar Wo shamil hai To Uski bandagi se hi har shai haasil hai Apne andar Usay hai khojna

  • Dharm Bhagwan Ne Nahin Banaya, Hamari Banayi Aafat Hai

    0 Dharm Bhagwan ne nahin banaya, hamari banayi aafat hai Karm ki raah par chalo, karm anushasan hai, nishtha hai, mehnat hai Sach kaha nahin jaata, le lo chaahe saari qasmon ka vaasta Bin bole jo mehsoos ho jaaye, sach mein itni taaqat hai Uparwaale ko paison se nahin, aapki bhaavnaaon se hai matlab Shraddha

  • Aspirations and Passions – The Cause Of Joy | Best Motivational Video

    0 Aspirations and passions are the cause of joy, whereas ambitions and goals induce anxiety. The mind wants results, and so it is overly anxious. This anxiety taxes the positivity in you and drains your energy. Moreover, set goals are restrictive and even after you achieve them, you’re far from satisfied. On the other hand,