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  • Pyar me mare lakhon diwane, Pyar me jee sako to jaane

    0 Haalaat jitney faasle banaa jaate hain Hamaare dil utne hi paas aa jaate hain Raah badle to badle, chaah nahin badalti Dil mein yaadon ke nishaan banaa jaate hain Phir jaakar man shaant ho jaata hai Jab wo khayalon par chha jaate hain Duniyadari ke bandhan se mukti milti hai Sarkar, chaahat ki shamma

  • If you go step by step | New WhatsApp Status Video | English Poem On Life

    0 You will do the things right if you go step by step You will do the things right if you go step by step You don’t just start from nowhere and run the final lap Life is no different, live it well, avoid the trap Learn from your dog and not die every day

  • Es Rang Badalti | Indian Hindi Shayari On Life | Best WhatsApp Status Video

    0 Es rang badalti duniya me Insaan ka badalna galat toh nahi Girgit ki tarah hum rang badlein Girgit ki tarah hum rang badlein Aurrrrr… koi rasta bhi to nahi Es rang badalti duniya me Insaan ka badalna galat toh nah Rang badla toh kya bura kiya Rang badla toh kya bura kiya Bhagwan ke

  • Boredom is Your Biggest Burden | Motivational Video

    0 Boredom is your biggest burden It’s bound to crush you for certain Step out of your comfort zone, go for variety Don’t be stuck with monotony, a life of anxiety Variety comes from taking new responsibility That is the way you enhance your ability Variety brings with it much-needed experience It gives you flexibility

  • Zindagi Kya Kya | Romantic poem in hindi | Romantic WhatsApp Status

    0 Zindagi kya kya sabak sikhaati hai Ab khud par bhi hasi aati hai Ghurur taj diya to aankhen khul gayein Haqeeqat kaise kaise nazaare dikhaati hai Tum kya mile ke duniya mil gayi Tanha dilon ke raaste kismet milaati hai Tum kya ho, meri nazar se dekho Mohabbat apni tasveer khud banaati hai 0

  • Tu Hi Mere | Romantic Poem for girlfriend in Hindi | Romantic Whatsapp video status

    0 Tu hi mere man ki baat jaane Bas itni hi tujhse arzi hai   Bataa meri manzil hai kahaan Bataa bhi de, teri kya marzi hai   Andheron mein bhatak raha hoon Bin jaane, kya sach, kya farzi hai   Bataa main kis raah par chaloon Bataa bhi de, teri kya marzi hai 0

  • Mohabbat Sirf Ek Se Kyun | Hindi Romantic Poem by Tapan Ghosh

    0 Mohabbat sirf ek se kyun? Khuda to hum sab mein hai Mohabbat Khuda hai, ye elaan har mazhab mein hai Mohabbat ek doosre se nahin, andar ki pakeezgi se hai Iski pehchaan dil ki masoomiyat, fitrat ki saadgi se hai Kehne ko ek doosre se mohabbat hoti hai Par hoti hai us neki se,

  • Why Limit Your Love | English Romantic Poem by Tapan Ghosh

    0  Why limit your love to a person when God in each one of us resides Love is God is the credo by which every creed abides Love is not between people, it reaches out to the purity within It appeals to the nobility of the heart, the simplicity within We maybe outwardly attracted

  • Zindagi Ek Paheli Hai | Song by Tapan Ghosh

    What is life but a balancing act? We have to keep moving on by striking a balance. Tapan Ghosh says that we have the freedom to act, if we know our individual limits and stay within them.

  • Tu Jab Mere.. | Romantic Poetry (Hindi Shayari) by Tapan Ghosh

    Tapan Ghosh describes his inner feelings when his beloved looks into his eyes. Draws close enough for him to feel her breath. Or cuddles up to him without a care in the world. Pure romance!

  • Profound Love Quotes | Best Romantic Quotes Tapan Ghosh

    True love is not reciprocal! This sounds incredible but that’s the power of love. It needs no reciprocation. Tapan Ghosh comes up with a new take on a subject we thought we knew everything about.

  • Women’s Day Special | Women Empowerment Begins with Students

    Women’s Empowerment begins with students. Haresh Sippy sees the rise of gender equality as more girls pursue higher education, even in traditionally male-centric courses such as Engineering.