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  • True Love | Love Poetry | Philosophy of Love | Romantic Poetry

    Koi hadsa hona zaruri hai, aitbaar ke liye
    Aitbaar hona zaruri hai, asardaar ke liye

  • Two Strangers Met | Romantic Poetry by Tapan Ghosh

    Two strangers met and lost themselves to each other
    When love calls, the heart looks no further

  • If Your Beliefs Are Biased, They Are Not Yours

    0 1. “If your beliefs are biased, they are not yours.” How do they get biased? Because they have a purpose. What is the purpose? To please others. So it is not to please yourself. Therefore, if your beliefs are biased, they are not yours. 2. “When you start loving yourself, you stop showing off.”

  • Sapne Sapne Reh Gaye

    0 1. Sapne sapne reh gaye Apne alvida keh gaye Pyaar ka haq adaa ho gaya Baqi sab fanaa ho gaya Rahi to bas uski baatein Chori chupe mulaqaatein Ab na wo mere saath hai Na haathon mein haath hai Shikayat na fariyaad hai Na hi ye dil azaad hai Chaahat khayal ban ke reh

  • Meditation lies not in sitting in one posture

    0 1. Meditation lies not in sitting in one posture to sort out your problems. It lies in getting into the problem and finding a solution. The more problems you overcome, the more you meditate. What is meditation? Clearing your thoughts. How do you clear them? By pushing them out with new thoughts. How do

  • Trust Yourself To Trust Others | When I Was Not With Myself

    0 “Trust yourself to trust others.” If you don’t trust yourself, you are not trustworthy. If you are not trustworthy, how will you expect others to be trustworthy? If you don’t trust anybody, who will you trust? If you can’t take a decision based on trust, how will you move forward? So it all starts

  • Marriage Vows by Tapan Ghosh

    0 1. Marriage Vows by Tapan Ghosh: ‘Till death do us part’, this promise needs to be modified Only if you are with her, till her end, is the vow justified Your commitment remains, till the last day of her life Don’t relinquish this responsibility, towards your wife Make yourself worthy of her, stay healthy

  • Knowledge And Wisdom | The Key To Contentment

    0 1. Knowledge is the bank of information stored in your brain Wisdom is how wisely you use the information you obtain Knowledge is not taken at face value but gained from experience Wisdom is knowledge that has on you a positive influence The source of knowledge is the decider Whereas wisdom is a judgement

  • Break Free From Your Old Beliefs

    0 Accepting something that is contrary to your beliefs demands great discipline. Not to mention belief in yourself. We all are brought up with dos and don’ts, and therefore with strong beliefs. As we grow older, these beliefs come in the way of our accepting new learnings. Our mind is already filled with old beliefs.

  • When You Fall In Love | Romantic Poetry by Tapan Ghosh

    0 1. When you fall in love, you are bound to get attached You are enslaved, but better off being detached Easy to say, difficult to comprehend It takes a lifetime to understand love, my friend Little do we know that love is not with a person, but the purity within Nor do we look

  • God Has Given Us Life To Make The Most Of It

    0 “We deny ourselves much, not realising that much of it is divine.” There are many things in life we want to do, but we don’t, because we are told that God will not like it. As we grow older, we realise that whatever we wanted to do was what God wanted us to do

  • Happy Independence Day To All by Tapan Ghosh

    0 Freedom is not running away from life but accepting it for what it is. Independence leads to freedom, if one can develop immunity and transform impunity to love. The real freedom of expression lies in breaking the rules and going with the rules of nature. Freedom of thought may be a birth right but