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  • Money Can Buy Happiness | Best Motivational Video | Inspirational Video

    0 The only way money can buy happiness is if you spend it selflessly on others. It is said that money can’t buy you love, money can’t buy you happiness. It is absolutely right. Then what can money buy? Everything that you need. You want to be happy. Happiness cannot be achieved despite your possessing

  • Muhaubat Ek Mazhab | Motivational Hindi Shayari Video

    0 1. Har mazhab se aage hai insaniyat Jo sab ka mazhab, wo hai muhaubat Zindagi dene ka vardaan aurat ke paas Kar-guzarne ka jazba mard mein khaas Yahaan taaqat-o-mehnat-o-mashakkat Wahaan nazaakat-o-sharaafat-o-shafaqat Jab kudrat ki hoti hai inpar inaayat Muhaubat kehlaane lagti hai ibaadat 2. Zamana badalta rahe Khudaai nahin badalti Chehra chaahe jo kahe

  • Haar Se Nazrein Milaao | Motivational Hindi Shayari Video

    0 1. Musibat ko dugna karo to musibat hal ho jaaye Haar se nazrein milaao ke zindagi saphal ho jaaye Hukumat se bada waqt, waqt se badi muhaubat Jo lamhe ko daur banaa de, daur pal ho jaaye Ummeed par nahin, duniya iraadon par qaayam hai Iraada ho to barson se chaahi baat kal ho

  • Self-attachment and Self-love | Best Motivational Video | Inspirational Video

    0 1. We are all born to do some good A fact that is rarely understood What blocks our awareness is self-attachment It binds us to reason, affects our temperament Locking us in egotistical combat As all entreaties of the heart fall flat Self-attachment is nothing but ego, the cause of selfishness Self-love stems from

  • Wo Yaad Kya Jo Baney Fariyaad | Hindi Love Shayari | Love Poem in Hindi

    1 1. Koi cheez bani-banaai nahin milti, kaabil banaana padta hai Mehendi ko rang laaney ke liye, patthar pe pis jaana padta hai Behtar yahi ke chehra dil ki asliyat se begaana rahe Dil mein laakh toofaan sahi, honthon ko muskuraana padta hai Rishtaa baanaana aasaan hai, rishtaa tordna mushqil Na chaahte hue bhi aksar,

  • It’s Time For Love | True Love | Love Poetry | Romantic Poetry

    0 1. When you relish the apple she eats, you’re in love In solitude, in togetherness, hand in glove When you think of her, she’s there The heart beats faster, love is in the air A bond develops, an understanding takes wing It’s time for love, the arrival of spring She’s always with you, in

  • Express Your Thoughts | Best Motivational Video | Inspirational Video

    0 Motivational video, Inspirational video, motivational quote, New Whatsapp status video 2019, whatsapp status video, Improve your quality of life, Secrets for success, Bring happiness to your life, Build your confidence, Have faith in your faith. 1. Thought becomes eternal upon finding expression. Thoughts… Where do they come from? They come from the purity within.

  • Love and Relationship | True Love | Love Poetry | Romantic Poetry

    0 1. Love comes with a relationship, but they are at draggers drawn One is causeless and the other with a cause that needs to be withdrawn One is attachment, the path to regression The other is free on its way to progression This is a combination that cannot be undone How do you handle

  • Loving Yourself | Powerful Motivational Video | Inspirational Video

    0 1. The journey of correcting yourself is most enjoyable if you love yourself You will correct yourself, when you make mistakes. You will make mistakes when you do something challenging. You will do something challenging when you take a risk. You will take a risk, when you live life to the fullest You will

  • Ye Duniya, Ye Mehfil | Motivational Hindi Shayari Video

    0 Ye duniya, ye mehfil mein kuch kaam ho na ho Kaam phir bhi karte raho, chaahe anjaam ho na ho Faida karna ek baat hai, faida uthana alag Ek deta hai, doosre ko sirf lene se matlab Faida uthane se faida nahin, nuksaan hi hota hai Beimaani ka, na-insaafi ka saamaan hi hota hai

  • Alter Ego | Powerful Motivational Video | Inspirational Video

    0 Nothing is good, nothing is bad Stay within limit and you will be glad Good and bad is for you to decide Let the heart be your guide Cross limits and you will be done Stay within them and enjoy the fun 0

  • Sound Emotional Health | Powerful Motivational Video | Inspirational Video

    1 Sound emotional health can handle any crisis. As everything is controlled by the mind, its well-being is of paramount importance. It’s the mind that will lead us to the root cause of a crisis. How else will you control the crisis? To have a sound emotional mind, one has to use life’s experiences to