Poem Video

  • Khwaishen | Motivational Hindi Shayari Video | Motivational Poem in Hindi

    0 Khwaishen agar jaldi poori hon to zindagi bhaar ho jaye Rahe na jeene ki tamanna, aadmi bezaar ho jaye Utna waqt milay, jitne armaan ho Zindagi kaargar banaane ka samaan ho Kissi se pyaar ho jaye to ye silsila banay rangeen Kaaya palat deti hai koi surat haseen Jisne ye baat samajh li, dil

  • Moods | Be Transparent | Powerful Motivational Video | Inspirational Video

    1  When I see you sit there and just brood How I wish I could see you change your mood Moods have always governed you, why must you try to control? Go with your moods, entice them and learn to cajole Moods are temporary outbursts, they keep fluctuating Change your attitude with your moods

  • Aashiq | Hindi Love Shayari | Love Poem in Hindi

    0 Aashiq wo jo doosron ke maze ka mazaa le sake Insaan wo jo apni ghalti ki sazaa le sake Kamyaab wo jo duniya ka gila le sake Sharif wo jo sar pe dusron ke gunaah le sake Nek dil wo jiski sharan mein har koi panah le sake Banda wo jo zeher bhi samajh

  • Dil Aur Kashish | True Love | Love Poetry | Philosophy of Love | Romantic Poetry

    Kisi ke dil ke andar jhank sako to jaanoon
    Andar ki khudai se rishta jord sako to maanoon

  • True Love | Love Poetry | Philosophy of Love | Romantic Poetry

    Koi hadsa hona zaruri hai, aitbaar ke liye
    Aitbaar hona zaruri hai, asardaar ke liye

  • Two Strangers Met | Romantic Poetry by Tapan Ghosh

    Two strangers met and lost themselves to each other
    When love calls, the heart looks no further

  • If Your Beliefs Are Biased, They Are Not Yours

    0 1. “If your beliefs are biased, they are not yours.” How do they get biased? Because they have a purpose. What is the purpose? To please others. So it is not to please yourself. Therefore, if your beliefs are biased, they are not yours. 2. “When you start loving yourself, you stop showing off.”

  • Sapne Sapne Reh Gaye

    0 1. Sapne sapne reh gaye Apne alvida keh gaye Pyaar ka haq adaa ho gaya Baqi sab fanaa ho gaya Rahi to bas uski baatein Chori chupe mulaqaatein Ab na wo mere saath hai Na haathon mein haath hai Shikayat na fariyaad hai Na hi ye dil azaad hai Chaahat khayal ban ke reh

  • Meditation lies not in sitting in one posture

    0 1. Meditation lies not in sitting in one posture to sort out your problems. It lies in getting into the problem and finding a solution. The more problems you overcome, the more you meditate. What is meditation? Clearing your thoughts. How do you clear them? By pushing them out with new thoughts. How do

  • Trust Yourself To Trust Others | When I Was Not With Myself

    0 “Trust yourself to trust others.” If you don’t trust yourself, you are not trustworthy. If you are not trustworthy, how will you expect others to be trustworthy? If you don’t trust anybody, who will you trust? If you can’t take a decision based on trust, how will you move forward? So it all starts

  • Marriage Vows by Tapan Ghosh

    0 1. Marriage Vows by Tapan Ghosh: ‘Till death do us part’, this promise needs to be modified Only if you are with her, till her end, is the vow justified Your commitment remains, till the last day of her life Don’t relinquish this responsibility, towards your wife Make yourself worthy of her, stay healthy

  • Knowledge And Wisdom | The Key To Contentment

    0 1. Knowledge is the bank of information stored in your brain Wisdom is how wisely you use the information you obtain Knowledge is not taken at face value but gained from experience Wisdom is knowledge that has on you a positive influence The source of knowledge is the decider Whereas wisdom is a judgement