Romantic English Poem

  • Boredom is Your Biggest Burden | Motivational Video

    0 Boredom is your biggest burden It’s bound to crush you for certain Step out of your comfort zone, go for variety Don’t be stuck with monotony, a life of anxiety Variety comes from taking new responsibility That is the way you enhance your ability Variety brings with it much-needed experience It gives you flexibility

  • Why Limit Your Love | English Romantic Poem by Tapan Ghosh

    0  Why limit your love to a person when God in each one of us resides Love is God is the credo by which every creed abides Love is not between people, it reaches out to the purity within It appeals to the nobility of the heart, the simplicity within We maybe outwardly attracted

  • Profound Love Quotes | Best Romantic Quotes Tapan Ghosh

    True love is not reciprocal! This sounds incredible but that’s the power of love. It needs no reciprocation. Tapan Ghosh comes up with a new take on a subject we thought we knew everything about.

  • Women’s Day Special | Women Empowerment Begins with Students

    Women’s Empowerment begins with students. Haresh Sippy sees the rise of gender equality as more girls pursue higher education, even in traditionally male-centric courses such as Engineering.

  • Faceless | Best English Poem by Tapan Ghosh

    What happens when a man exists in the duality of existing, yet not being there? Tapan Ghosh explores this state of being that sounds strange but is part of each one of us. Go, discover!

  • Best Hindi Romantic Poem | Valentine’s Day | Valentine’s Video

    From the wise to the wacky, the flirty to the sublime, the practical to the profound, Tapan Ghosh explores the different aspects of love with his unforgettable couplets.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day My Darling

    It’s Valentine’s Day and the love expert Tapan Ghosh sends his valentine a touching message that is sure to melt your heart.

  • Love is | Valentine’s Day

    Four beautiful quotes on love by Tapan Ghosh, the greatest love expert and guru of our times. Everything he shares comes from personal experience. It can’t get better or purer!

  • True love is | Valentine’s Day

    Trust the love guru Tapan Ghosh to define love as something that is beyond definition! This, and other definitions on a subject that had baffled philosophers down the centuries!