• Salvation in Love: All’s Well That Ends Well

    I told Anusha that I had planned things so that we could get together. Shobha was a cougar and that worked well for Sanjeev. It was a win-win situation.

  • Salvation in Love: A 15-year Wait

    Anusha came to know that Shobha was my wife. Not worthy of Anusha, I had moved away from her 15 years ago. She had been angry, but now I had got her back.

  • Salvation in Love: Rendezvous at the Cafe

    Shobha, Sanjeev and I were in the cafe. When Sanjeev’s wife Anusha arrived, she and Shobha arguedover Sanjeev spending time at Shobha’s dental clinic.

  • S2E46: A New Beginning

    Harry considers Sheila his dream come true. He recalls some old incidents. Full recall happens when he is taken to his factory. He is reunited with Swapna soon.

  • S2E45: My Harry

    Swapna is in a state of shock. A week has gone by; the doctors have no answer and no one is allowed to visit. She sees Harry in a daydream and her spirits soar.

  • S2E44: My Swapna

    Harry and Swapna part. They decide not be dependent on each other, as in an attachment. It is not a breakup, which happens only in an attachment, not in love.

  • S2E43: Identity Crisis

    He could recall nothing about himself. He heard that his name was Harry. The female psychiatrist nursing him said that he was suffering from amnesia.

  • S2E42: Lost to the World

    Harry spends the night with Swapna. Later, Harry loses consciousness after slipping down in the shower. He is rushed to a hospital. All seems to be over.

  • S2E41: Bindaas!

    Harry and Sanjib reminisce about their school. Harry recalls being introduced to chillum by a sadhu, and the word bindaas by Dr Kanitkar in the 1960s.

  • S2E40: Worli-Bandra Sea Link

    With Anita, Shamiq discovers his physical abilities to be a giver. At Anu-Sanjib’s party, Harry talks about using stimulants to relieve the pressures of life.

  • S2E39: 01.01.2020

    Since everyone woke up late, brunch at Anu’s place was changed to dinner. Swapna arranged for a gift for Anu-Sanjib. Shamiq and Anita went for a couple massage.

  • S2E38: A Change of Heart

    Shamiq and Anita lip-lock and move to her room. Anita says that he has changed for the better. Pleasure peaks and Shamiq realises that he has to give it all.