Other Stories

  • He & I

    The boy learnt to be street smart. Years later, I saw him in a fancy car with his employer’s wife. He could turn the weakness of others to his advantage.

  • Main Bhi Chowkidar | Ek Akela, Duniya Par Bhaari

    Featuring the Dynamic Prime Minister Chowkidar Narendra Modi.

  • Are We Balanced?

    Every object in the universe is balanced. However, the imbalance between our free mind and controlled mind is the cause of natural calamities and disharmony.

  • Understanding Attachment

    Attachment is the cause of all insecurity. Detachment is a gradual process. Salvation is the golden mean between mind and heart; the freedom we yearn for.

  • Mythology and Religion

    Scriptures form the basis of religion but rigidity sets in and the purpose is lost. The true meaning of religion is in absorbing the essence of the scriptures.

  • I am a Nobody

    I was a Somebody who kept Nobody away. Once, when critical, I surrendered to Nobody. He revived me. I now know we must surrender our problems to the God within.

  • Sadly, love and marriage go together like horse and carriage story

    Like a horse harnessed to a carriage, lovers get bound for a purpose and it’s no longer love. Love is not attachment. Life is bliss with detached attachment.

  • To make your life purposeful, make your mind purposeless.

    The only purpose of life is love, which is without purpose. But the mind is purposeful. It must combine with the purposeless heart to achieve the golden mean.

  • What a Coincidence!

    0 ‘Coincidence is beyond logical explanation and hence understood only by the illogical part of the mind called heart.’ There are many incidents in my life that have made me believe so. In fact, such incidents that we attribute to coincidences happen every now and then. If you look back and analyse, you will realise

  • Dogs Can Smell a Rat

    0 As a kid, I too dreamt of having a dog, like many do. But I was denied that joy when I brought home a neighbour’s pup. My mother refused to have him. It would be either her or the dog. My dad asked me to look after myself first before I tried taking responsibility

  • Society – A Sinner’s Paradise

    0 The Premise: Why undo nature when this is a cause of all the wrongs everywhere? Love is nature’s gift. It transcends the barriers of age, skin colour, caste, community, religion and sex. Why should we allow society to deny us this purity of nature? Why should women be denied equal rights? Women enjoying sex

  • Is Tapan Ghosh Out Of His Mind?

    0 “Is Tapan Ghosh out of his mind?” asked Khush as he pushed his iPhone towards Harry. “Look at this quote,” he said, referring to yet another controversial quote from the maverick. Harry read it and smiled. “Why are you smiling? Isn’t he mad?” questioned Khush. “Sure, he is mad, he probably likes it that