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  • The Triple Talaq Bill: A Time For Change

    0 Khush: Today’s newspaper says that the Triple Talaq Bill will be a game-changer for Women’s Empowerment in India. Sadly, it has run into opposition in the Rajya Sabha. Harry: Why? What’s the problem? Let’s first understand the full implications of the Bill. It is necessary to know what it proposes. Khush: The Bill makes

  • Unfair and Un-lovely!

    0 Khush: You have always talked about the white-skin complex in our country. Look at this article in Times of India  – how we Indians are crazy about the whites. We keep hankering for selfies with them. This is so humiliating! Harry: You can say this again. This complex is a major reason for the

  • Is The World Going Potty?

    0 As always, Khush and Harry were enjoying omelettes and coffee after a game of tennis. Khush was reading the Times of India, his favourite newspaper. A particular article caught his attention and he excitedly thrust the newspaper in Harry’s direction. Khush: Hey look! Someone has actually written an article relating to the scene you

  • Will robots be a threat to society?

    0 Khush: Are robots going to be a threat to society? Harry: Which society? Khush: What do you mean? Harry: Our society or theirs? Khush: What? Their society? What are we talking about? Harry: Don’t you know? Khush: Don’t you know what? Harry: Are you going to only ask questions? Khush: Aa ha, now I

  • Holy Cow! By Tapan Ghosh

    0 “Banning something is the easiest way to make it desirable.” At CCI, Harry and Khush were coming out of the tennis court holding their rackets. Harry looked a bit exhausted. He looked at Khush as he said, “What happened to you today, you were placing your shots so well that you gave me a

  • The Truth about Astrology

    Astrology is misunderstood because we fail to apply logic to it. It gives us the general direction of events, wemust navigate our journey within itsframework.

  • A Gorgeous Parsi Widow In Wild Goa

    This is the story of a sexy young widow condemned to a lonely life in a quiet part of wild Goa until a young man from America shows up in the neighbourhood. He is attractive and having spent all his adult life abroad, completely ignorant of the Indian way of life. The two meet accidentally and make connections. What happens next in the clash between youth and Indian morality? The tale ends with a twist you would never expect. Read on!

  • The Truth About Faith And Religion

    Continuing the discussion, this time Harry answers his son Arjun’s queries about faith and religion. Do miracles occur in our lives? Or, are they confined to the scriptures alone? What is the cause of misery? What role do the fundamental laws of nature play in determining our lot? How does one achieve a state of bliss? Harry provides answers to these questions and more about faith and religion, in a free-wheeling chat over a drink in a first-class lounge at Bombay International Airport.

  • Is Love An Illusion?

    0 The world tells us that love is one of many emotions, a state of mind that is temporary and there is more to life than it. It made me wonder, is it really so. I began my search for an answer by running a search on the internet. Looking for the answers The search

  • Double Standards Double Omelette

    We live with double standards, applying a different set of norms to men and women. This creates artificial differences and make women vulnerable to the worst forms of exploitation. Over a double omelette breakfast, Harry and Khush call for a change in mind set.

  • Faith and Religion

    Harry and Khush discuss faith and religion. Are they the one and the same thing as is commonly believed? Not according to Harry who delves into the difference between the two. Religion is man-made while faith is in the realm of spirituality. Religion gives rise to discord and conflict, while faith is entirely personal and makes the individual look within. Therein lies the difference, according to Harry.

  • Rapists at Large

    0 We live in troubled times. While there have been tremendous advances in many other spheres, our approach towards women remains in the Dark Ages. Our mind-sets haven’t changed despite the free flow of modern technology and influences from across the globe. We still consider women as objects of sex. The gender inequality and male