Other Stories

  • Is Love An Illusion?


  • Double Standards Double Omelette

    We live with double standards, applying a different set of norms to men and women. This creates artificial differences and make women vulnerable to the worst forms of exploitation. Over a double omelette breakfast, Harry and Khush call for a change in mind set.

  • Faith and Religion

    Harry and Khush discuss faith and religion. Are they the one and the same thing as is commonly believed? Not according to Harry who delves into the difference between the two. Religion is man-made while faith is in the realm of spirituality. Religion gives rise to discord and conflict, while faith is entirely personal and makes the individual look within. Therein lies the difference, according to Harry.

  • Rapists at Large


  • Of Monkeys and Men

    Have you heard of a man being stopped in his tracks by a giant monkey? What I am about to narrate is no story or figment of imagination. It actually happened to me.