• S2E37: Dance by the Bay

    Harry, Swapna, Khush, Aneesha, Anita and Shamiq bring in the New Year.

  • S2E36: 2020

    Shamiq accuses Anita of betrayal. She hits back. He finds support in Aneesha. Swapna decides to stay the night with Harry to avoid the traffic.

  • S2E35: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

    Harry, Swapna, Anu, Sanjib, Khush, Anita, Aneesha and Shamiq meet at Gadda-da-Vidda, Juhu. Shamiq hosts the get-together. Anita goes off for a walk on the beach all by herself. Several thoughts go through her mind.

  • S2E34: Group Chat

    Anita is not to be seen when Harry comes out of the shower. He comes across several messages on the WhatsApp group chat about his sundowner at Gadd da Vida.

  • S2E33: In the Shower

    In the shower Harry is lost in his thoughts. The mention of Shamiq puts Anita off. Anita is becoming dependent on him but he cannot reciprocate.

  • S2E32: Anita and Harry Again

    Harry drives back home to be welcomed by Anita. She gives him a deep-tissue massage. Harry reciprocates the deed before they head to the shower.

  • S2E31: Harry Om

    Harry realises Indians lose out since they remain in their comfort zone.

  • S2E30: Salvation in Discomfort

    Shamiq performs as a DJ at Aer bar. Aneesha joins in as a bar girl. It is early morning by the time they return to their hotel room. Always the giver, Shamiq delights Aneesha with his finger play.

  • He & I

    The boy learnt to be street smart. Years later, I saw him in a fancy car with his employer’s wife. He could turn the weakness of others to his advantage.

  • S2E29: Garba Nights at Radio Club

    Harry invites his friends for garba at Radio Club. Sanjib toys with the idea of a start-up in Bombay. Anu is also keen to move to Bombay.

  • S2E28: Tequila Dinner

    Arjun is in Houston to tap business and Natasha is with him. She enrols in a US university. After dinner, they jump into bed together.

  • S2E27: Howdy, Houston!

    Harry and Khush review the Modi-Trump rally in Houston. Natasha calls, seeking Harry’s permission and blessings to go to Houston to study Business Management.