• S1E8 – Raima’s Justice

    Raima has just got an influential builder convicted for attempted rape. Her determination comes from a traumatic childhood incident when she had been sexually assaulted by her uncle. Saving her dress as evidence, she had forced her uncle to mend his ways in return for silence.

  • S1E7 – Holi Ho!

    It’s Holi, the perfect time for Harry to meet up with his friends Shom, Raima, Khush, Swapna and Natasha. Everyone is in high spirits with the food, sweets and bhang. Shom and Raima, who have been apart for a while, find the time to be with one another. Shom clears Raima’s misconceptions about bhang, ‘the drink of the gods’, as he describes it. Shom thinks Raima is being materialistic but she reassures him that all she wants is to be with him. Love triumphs as they express their feelings for each other.

  • Is Tapan Ghosh Out Of His Mind?

    0 “Is Tapan Ghosh out of his mind?” asked Khush as he pushed his iPhone towards Harry. “Look at this quote,” he said, referring to yet another controversial quote from the maverick. Harry read it and smiled. “Why are you smiling? Isn’t he mad?” questioned Khush. “Sure, he is mad, he probably likes it that

  • S1E6 – Spiritual Love Is Possible Only When You Undress Your Mind

    Shom and Raima discover that words become redundant when love rises to a spiritual level. A mere glance is enough to convey everything. This is possible only when you open yourself completely to your soulmate. The result is sheer bliss.

  • S1E5 – True Love Is Not Bound By A Relationship, Nor Is It Defined By One

    The love that soulmates have for one another is like free-flowing water. It is neither bound by, nor defined by a relationship. It adapts itself to the situation. That’s why it is true love, like the love Shom and Raima have for each other.

  • The Triple Talaq Bill: A Time For Change

    0 Khush: Today’s newspaper says that the Triple Talaq Bill will be a game-changer for Women’s Empowerment in India. Sadly, it has run into opposition in the Rajya Sabha. Harry: Why? What’s the problem? Let’s first understand the full implications of the Bill. It is necessary to know what it proposes. Khush: The Bill makes

  • S1E4 – You’re In Love Only If You Love Yourself

    We all get so caught up with our life that we fail to realise that we ourselves are the most important person in our own life. We can love others only when we appreciate our true worth and love ourselves. Raima realises this, much to Shom’s delight.

  • S1E3 – Are Shom & Raima really in love?

    Raima is hassled about life in general. Shom calms her down and reasons with her that our attitude determines our outlook to life. What we consider bad experience actually teaches us a lot. While good experience can make us complacent. All it calls for is love and understaning.

  • Unfair and Un-lovely!

    0 Khush: You have always talked about the white-skin complex in our country. Look at this article in Times of India  – how we Indians are crazy about the whites. We keep hankering for selfies with them. This is so humiliating! Harry: You can say this again. This complex is a major reason for the

  • Is The World Going Potty?

    0 As always, Khush and Harry were enjoying omelettes and coffee after a game of tennis. Khush was reading the Times of India, his favourite newspaper. A particular article caught his attention and he excitedly thrust the newspaper in Harry’s direction. Khush: Hey look! Someone has actually written an article relating to the scene you

  • S1E2 – The Ballad of Shom And Raima

    Shom and Raima have had a lovers’ tiff. Shom worries for Raima’s future while she advises him to be patient. But love conquers all as Raima breaks into a poem and Shom responds in kind. All differences vanish, underscoring the power of true love.

  • Will robots be a threat to society?

    0 Khush: Are robots going to be a threat to society? Harry: Which society? Khush: What do you mean? Harry: Our society or theirs? Khush: What? Their society? What are we talking about? Harry: Don’t you know? Khush: Don’t you know what? Harry: Are you going to only ask questions? Khush: Aa ha, now I