Season 2

  • S2E10: Working Out With Anita

    Harry eyes Anita. The two work out at his gym. She acts as his trainer and puts him through a fitness regimen. That night Anita walks into Harry’s bedroom.

  • S2E09: Anita Bonds with Harry

    Anita wants to work in Calcutta. Harry suggests that she ally with Natasha. Anita offers Harry a massage. The next morning he gets a start on seeing her.

  • S2E08: One for the Road

    Natasha checks in, leaving Anita stranded. Swapna uses Natasha’s dildo with Aneesha. After everyone leaves, Harry returns home. Anita knocks on his door.

  • S2E07: Khush Loses Control

    Khush admits to Harry about losing control over himself. Swapna and Aneesha bathe together. Anita’s returns from the airport, having missed her flight.

  • S2E06: Anita Pins Down Natasha

    Natasha demands a kiss from Anita who, being physically stronger, settles the score. Khush is attracted to Swapna while Harry has eyes only for Aneesha.

  • S2E05: Like Father, Like Son

    Like his father, Arjun admires Aneesha’s beauty. Anita is trying to recover her dues from the spa that has closed down. Natasha pulls her away for a hard kiss.

  • S2E04: Calling a Blackmailer’s Bluff

    Khush recalls the time he saved his friend from being blackmailed for adultery. The extortionist was jailed after the court ruled adultery was not an offence.

  • S2E03: New Pairings

    Khush and Swapna get together. Harry and Aneesha on the dance floor signal the two to join them. The two couples live it up with some dirty dancing.

  • S2E02: Raima, the Angel

    Everyone gathers in Calcutta to reminisce about Raima. Swapna recalls her association with Harry. Swapna cosies up with Khush while Harry and Aneesha team up.

  • S2E01: Intense Grief and Ultimate Bliss

    Harry doesn’t grieve for Shom and Raima because they haven’t died; only turned a new leaf. He remembers Raima bringing him and Swapna together again.

  • SEASON 2 – Two Cities of Joy

    To manage a wife and a beloved, man must strike the golden mean, only possible by detaching oneself from the two and living for love in nothingness.

  • S2E25: Blow Hot, Blow Cold

    Swapna thanks Khush for being a saviour but he thinks their togetherness is only about satisfying their urge. Natasha is upset that her mother is with someone.