Shom and Raima

S1E50: The Breakup

Harry recalls the time Swapna and he broke up. He was penniless and she was the daughter of a jeweller. But all had worked out well and they were back together.

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S1E43: A Lover from the Past

The Senguptas were reunited. Raima was busy with media interviews. Anuradha’s love for Sanjib was revealed. Her father had got her married to Rathin instead.

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S1E42: Raima Battles Joothmalani

After breaking down in court, Raima resumes her testimony. She handles Joothmalani’s questions with great confidence, despite the defence lawyer’s repeated charge of her statement being nothing more than a conveniently made-up story. He further accuses her of blackmail after having seduced her uncle and slept with him. Rejecting the seduction charge, Raima admits to having blackmailed her...

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