Shom and Raima

  • S1E49: Harry Reflects on Life

    Arjun brings Natasha to his dad’s villa in Salt Lake City. He shows her a glasshouse which is not visible from the outside. Things hot up for the two of them.

  • S1E48: Arjun Entertains Natasha

    Arjun brings Natasha to his dad’s villa in Salt Lake City. He shows her a glasshouse which is not visible from the outside. Things hot up for the two of them.

  • S1E47: An Encounter at Dum Dum

    The police arrests Rathin’s father and his hoodlums who attack Rabindra, Anuradha, Arjun and Natasha. Rabindra takes a liking to Sanjib and invites him home.

  • S1E46: Raima Confronts Harry

    Raima is upset. Natasha and Arjun have gone to Calcutta. Raima calls Shom and senses Anita around. Harry calms her down. Anuradha expects Sanjib at the airport.

  • S1E45: Raima and Anuradha – Pisima and Niece

    Raima meets up with Anuradha who looks relieved of the tension of the past. Anuradha is excited about going to Calcutta and meeting up with Sanjib there.

  • S1E44: Raima and Anuradha – A Motherly Bond Rekindled

    Raima and Anuradha are back together. Grandpa wants Raima to marry. Raima tells Anuradha about Shom. Anuradha promises to speak about Sanjib at the right time.

  • S1E43: A Lover from the Past

    The Senguptas were reunited. Raima was busy with media interviews. Anuradha’s love for Sanjib was revealed. Her father had got her married to Rathin instead.

  • S1E42: Raima Battles Joothmalani

    After breaking down in court, Raima resumes her testimony. She handles Joothmalani’s questions with great confidence, despite the defence lawyer’s repeated charge of her statement being nothing more than a conveniently made-up story. He further accuses her of blackmail after having seduced her uncle and slept with him.
    Rejecting the seduction charge, Raima admits to having blackmailed her uncle, but with a purpose; this being to get him to mend his ways and stop squandering her father’s money.
    The case is in the balance until Raima’s grandfather realises his folly of having distanced himself from his granddaughter since his son died in an accident. All past misunderstandings are cleared and the family reconciles.
    Raima’s aunt’s testimony seals the case in Raima’s favour. Her uncle is given a life sentence. Raima stands vindicated. The media and the public go wild with joy. It’s a boost for the MeToo movement too.

  • S1E41: Joothmalani Levels Charges against Raima

    Joothmalani presents Rathin Nandi as a God-fearing man and accuses Raima of being promiscuous and a blackmailer. Raima recalls her uncle’s attempt to rape her.

  • S1E40: Swapna Reclaims Harry

    Harry shares his concern with Khush about noted lawyer Shyam Joothmalani taking up Rathin Nandi’s case against Raima. With a view to protecting Raima, they decide to study the case in detail.
    Harry rushes to Swapna’s residence after receiving a call from her. She complains about Harry not giving her enough time together.
    The moment he arrives; she is all over him. After both climax together, Harry turns pensive. He recollects the time when they had been in love but were unable to marry and expresses his feelings in a poem.

  • S1E39: Coffee, Tea or Sweety?

    0 ——————- Recap S1E38 MeToo or Sweetu? : Shom tells Khush the advice Harry has given him about enjoying life to overcome the sorrow of parting from Raima. Khush tells him to meet up with Anita. Shom is hesitant. Khush urges him by showing him the findings of a study that suggest that women peak at

  • S1E38: MeToo or Sweetu?

    0 Recap S1E37 Raima’s #MeToo Moment : Raima gets an unexpected visitor when, after an evening out with Natasha, her rapist uncle Rathin Nandi gets into her car by stealth. Accusing her of illicit conduct, he threatens to tell the family what she has been up to with Natasha. On the pretext of driving her uncle