Shom and Raima

  • S1E37: Raima’s #MeToo Moment

    Raima gets an unexpected visitor when, after an evening out with Natasha, her rapist uncle Rathin Pal gets into her car by stealth. Accusing her of illicit conduct, he threatens to tell the family what she has been up to with Natasha.
    On the pretext of driving her uncle back to his hotel, she speeds off to the nearest police station, accuses him of raping her and with some help from Khush, get him behind bars. It is her Me Too moment.
    Later, she and Natasha meet up with Harry and Khush to give them a blow-by-blow account of all that transpired that evening.

  • S1E36: Harry and Swapna in Goa

    0 Recap S1E35 Raima Questions Harry : After Raima and Shom come face to face at the bar, Harry whisks Raima away with Natasha in tow. Raima is upset at seeing Shom with a girl, just the day after the two of them had decided to go their separate ways. Harry tells her that the confrontation

  • S1E35: Raima Questions Harry

    0 Recap S1E34 Raima Seeks Harry’s Advice : Raima meets up with Harry to confide in him about her love for Natasha and to seek his advice. Harry is unfazed. He advises her to rid herself of guilt and live life to the fullest, away from Shom. Their love for each other will only mature,

  • S1E34: Raima Seeks Harry’s Advice

    Harry asks Raima to be guilt-free about Natasha and move out of Shom’s life.

  • S1E33: Khush Encounters a Shemale

    Driving back, Khush tells Harry the story of his life, which includes marrying into a rich family, his hyper appetite for sex and his encounter with a shemale.

  • S1E32: Raima and Natasha Come Together

    Raima and Natasha are together again with an extra-long, double-ended dildo. In the thick of action, they fail to hear Swapna’s call or her knock on the door.

  • S1E31: Natasha and Raima Discover the Dildo

    Afraid of being caught by Swapna for playing with her dildo, Natasha and Raima put it away, only for it to land in a garbage bin and be mistaken for a bomb.

  • S1E30: Dignified Swapna

    A loveless marriage does not deter strong-minded Swapna from taking charge of the family business and taking Raima under her wings as a second daughter.

  • S1E29: Harry Survives 26/11

    On 26/11 Harry has a lucky escape at the Taj as he passes off his Korean guests for visitors from China. Khush quells a bomb scare and draws media attention.

  • S1E28: Shom and Raima in Bliss

    Shom and Raima define a code for their relationship. Shom tells Raima about Aruna, the soulmate from his schooldays. In Raima, he has been reunited with Aruna.

  • S1E27: Shom’s Spends the Night at Raima’s Place

    A threat, family and work pressure lead Shom and Raima to decide they will not be together again. Not that it matters, for they are soulmates; always together.

  • S1E26: Raima’s Grief

    Shom found himself in a catch-22 situation. He felt deeply drawn towards Raima, yet was angry with himself for getting into an emotional mess.
    Seeing Raima in a car with a much older man didn’t help matter either. He called her right away and met up with her. The man turned out to be an uncle seeking her help.
    Calling Khush to cover up for him while he was with Raima, Shom discovered that Raima had been with Khush in the past. Khush further cautioned him against revealing too much of himself to Raima.
    Angry with Raima and accusing her of being a professional escort, Shom made her sign an agreement to ensure that he was never exposed to blackmail on her part.