Break Free From Your Old Beliefs

Accepting something that is contrary to your beliefs demands great discipline. Not to mention belief in yourself.
We all are brought up with dos and don’ts, and therefore with strong beliefs.
As we grow older, these beliefs come in the way of our accepting new learnings.
Our mind is already filled with old beliefs.
We therefore need to push out these beliefs by inducing new thoughts that come with new experiences. And to do so, demands discipline and firm belief in ourselves.

There can be many beliefs but faith is singular. You may believe in many things right from your childhood. You may have been obedient, as a result do’s & dont’s have been your beliefs. But life is more than the collection of all your beliefs. There is faith. Faith goes beyond all beliefs as it comes from the purity within. Faith is absolute Faith is singular.

Author: Tapan Ghosh
Film maker, writer, thinker, rolled into one The creative me is a lot of fun. What you see here are my expressions true I hope they strike a chord within you.


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