God Has Given Us Life To Make The Most Of It

“We deny ourselves much, not realising that much of it is divine.”

There are many things in life we want to do, but we don’t, because we are told that God will not like it. As we grow older, we realise that whatever we wanted to do was what God wanted us to do in the first place. Because he has given us life to make the most of it. We deny ourselves for the better part of our lives. And end up making impossible bucket lists and blaming Him. Let’s stop denying ourselves because everything that comes our way is a gift from God, therefore divine.

“His blessings are always in disguise. They manifest themselves only during a conflict.”

When in a conflict, there are times when you lose confidence. You lose faith in God. You unnecessarily trouble yourself because you have stopped trusting God, who is right inside you. Only when you realise this, do you apply yourself to the problem with positivity and renewed energy. You get into the problem without anxiety. And the results are unbelievable, almost like a miracle.

Author: Tapan Ghosh
Film maker, writer, thinker, rolled into one The creative me is a lot of fun. What you see here are my expressions true I hope they strike a chord within you.


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