Joy Comes From Within | Best Motivational Video | Inspirational Video

Don’t do what you think God has decreed
What you want is the will of God indeed

The heavens granted, long before you knew
The Giver doesn’t expect anything from you

His benefaction lies unappreciated, ignored
Greed compels you to accumulate and hoard

What is invaluable cannot be accumulated
Joy comes from within, it is never created

Wellbeing is not something you obtain on a platter

A healthy mind in a healthy body must matter

Life is a joy, but we are told to think otherwise
In attachment we forsake the freedom of the skies


Balance life, have fun, be a flirt
Yet stay calm, composed, always alert.

Bring the heart and mind together
Like a boxer and his manager

Balancing the heart and mind all alone
Multitasking, killing two birds with a stone

The camera doesn’t matter, facing life is an act
Believe in yourself, keep the faith intact

While facing the camera you do your best
Do so in life with discipline and pass the test

Author: Tapan Ghosh
Film maker, writer, thinker, rolled into one The creative me is a lot of fun. What you see here are my expressions true I hope they strike a chord within you.

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