Rich & Famous | Best Motivational Video

1. Rich & Famous:

You want to get rich to become famous, or famous to get rich?
These are two different goals, that, once committed, you cannot switch

Once you are rich, you do become famous
And when you’re famous, you pretend to be gracious

When you lose your wealth, you also lose your fame
But you won’t lose money if you don’t spoil your name

Work for your passion and disregard all fame
A content man has little regard for money, but enjoys all the same

2. Truth stands by itself, without support. Justification weakens it.

Falsehood requires the backing of a thousand alibis. Truth is what it is. It stands by itself. There is no logic to it and therefore you are in no position to defend it. The more you try to convince, the less convincing it gets. Because truth is hard to digest, it is not accepted easily. All the same, it stands by itself and requires no justification.

Author: Tapan Ghosh
Film maker, writer, thinker, rolled into one The creative me is a lot of fun. What you see here are my expressions true I hope they strike a chord within you.


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