Sadly, love and marriage go together like horse and carriage story

The horse signifies love. The love tied to a carriage, which is the burden of marriage. Lovers get bound for a purpose and it’s no longer love because love is purposeless.  Marriage conforms to social norms. A sense of duty and responsibility comes into play. On the other hand, love between soulmates is profound. It can defy such norms because it has no set boundaries or restraints. If you are in love and marriage is your goal, it does not love. Marriage is a contract. Love is a journey, not a destination like marriage.


True love is generally between those whose circumstances are contrasting. For this reason, society looks down upon such unions. Peer pressure does not allow love to survive. Laila-Majnu and Romeo-Juliet are cases in point. Unless you take your love to another level, to that of Radha and Krishna – the profound love transcends all definitions. It is so profound that it cannot be bound by any sense of duty. It flows spontaneously, overcoming all barriers.

Soulmates come into your life for a good reason, to put you on the right path. The journey can be enjoyable if you have faith. Love acts as a catalyst for a growth in individual character. Love has no room for attachment as it is free and cannot be possessed. This is the toughest lesson to learn in life.


Freedom from attachment begins by understanding that self-attachment is nothing but ego and only an egoless person will love his own self. One become egoless only when self-attachment turns to love.

This is easier said than done. You have to indulge yourself. You may even experience heartbreaks to understand your own self. Only then will you will be sympathetic towards yourself, instead of longing for sympathy. This will teach you to love yourself. The mind will move towards the heart, the inner self, the God within. Then you don’t need anything because you achieve everything. You are in love. You find love everywhere. You don’t limit your love to a person. Love is God and God is everywhere.



For instance, if a man relishes the apple his soulmate eats, he is in love. He cherishes everyone and everything his soulmate loves. This is true love, which is unconditional. ‘The Radha-Krishna love story is an instance of the zealous pursuit of spirituality springing forth eternally from the individual self towards the universal self.’ (Speaking Tree: Why Krishna never married Radha?)

There are lessons to be learnt from this. The way to conquer life is by living on the edge of a precipice called love. To conquer love is to eradicate attachment. Life is bliss with detached attachment.

Horse and carriage story

best Horse and carriage story

Author: Tapan Ghosh
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