Salvation in Love: All’s Well That Ends Well

Recap – Salvation in Love: A 15-year Wait – Anusha came to know that Shobha was my wife. She stormed out of the café angrily. It had been 15 years since I had moved away from Anusha, as I hadn’t felt worthy of her at that time. She had been angry with me all along, but now things had patched up. I had got back my sweetheart.

This cafe was brightly lit by the sunshine through the glass. But I was missing the shining glow of my sweetheart. I tried to call her, her phone was not reachable.

What could have gone wrong I wondered? Why did she play her role so well if she was not agreeable? Definitely not just to oblige, but to know the facts that were now seen as clear as glass.

Then why is she not pleased with the outcome. I thought she would be thrilled, but that was my mistake, you can’t take things for granted and definitely not with a woman. They have their own perceptions. Let’s live with them I thought as I saw her emerging from the restroom. I was relieved at least she did not vanish leaving me in a lurch.

“Hi,” I said aloud to draw her attention and she looked at me but seemed to be bugged about something, I decided not to react and so she did instead, to my continued silence.

“Your wife is a bitch! She has grabbed my husband too.”

“That’s not true, all that happened is my doing I am the bastard who did everything to get you back.”

“You just want to protect her because you’re under her spell.”

“Okay if that’s what you think what do you want to do now?”

“I want her to keep away from my husband, I am prepared to mother him and make him mine. I don’t want to lose a second battle against that slimy creature.”

“Okay, done. I will not allow Sanjeev to enter my house and I will shift to another residence as soon as I can. I will also change Shobha and my phone numbers so that we are not accessible to either of you. I suggest you two do the same. Let’s be confined to our own lives.”

I said this with all my love and concern and ignoring all the venom she had poured out against Shobha. She was taken aback with my complete surrender to her cause. She started doubting her motives and for the first time looked exhausted. I requested her to join me for a cup of coffee before we departed. This she readily accepted. We entered the cafe. This place had positive vibes and was bright and sunny. Coffee was served unlike in other coffee shops. Anusha’s mood was also turning positive. Being much younger than Shobha and I, she had more to learn about life. Only when youaccept life, are you in control.

“Can I ask you something?”she said.

Please do.

“How can you tolerate your wife’s dalliance? She is so open about it.”

“My wife is a confirmed cougar, better off mothering someone like Sanjeev, who needs it for his survival. They make a loving couple.”

“What! How can you even think like that, he’s my husband?”

“Forget about relationships, they’re man-made. Do you love him?”

“How dare you talk about love, after what you’ve done to me?”

“Yes, not to you alone, I had to crucify my heart too, you know all that happened.”

“All that happened to me, after you dumped me for Shobha.”

“I did not dump you, a marriage is a social obligation and not made in heaven.”

“This talk makes no sense now. What do you want from me? After 15 years you just call me up one day, do you take me for a call girl?

“No! You’re my angel, these 15 years have gotten over today the 19th of August.I have kept track of every single day, as a prisoner would.”

“Oh really! How do I believe you, a twenty-year-old was not kissed even once?”

“I had no right to raise your hopes as our marriage was an impossibility.”


“How could we marry when I was 15 years your senior and a pauper who had to get his sister married first? Your rich dad would have killed us or committed suicide.”

“But I loved youand we have lost 15 years of our lives.”

“Romeo-Juliet sacrificed their entire life for the sake of love. We just detached ourselves for the sake of love. Our love has only got stronger. No one can take it away. It’s your love that motivated me to prosper and become healthier.”

“What will Shobha think when she knows about all this?”

“Shobha already knows. And please trust me, she has helped me through all my longings and attachments for you. Love is not about possession. Our love is causeless.”

“I now feel the same way, do you think we should get married?”

“No love is not about relationships. We can be together whenever we feel like. I will put a door between my apartments. Shobha will live in the one with clinic and I in the other one, where you could move in.”

“Will Shobha mind this?”

“No, and not only that, she’ll be thrilled if I tell her that you have agreed to live with me. She is dying to be with Sanjeev. This arrangement is God’s gift to all of us for our sacrifices, it’s a win-win for all.”

She put her hands in mine and her eyes turned moist, I raised her hands to my lips. We were both longing for our first physical encounter, the most intense side of love.


The End

Author: Tapan Ghosh
Film maker, writer, thinker, rolled into one The creative me is a lot of fun. What you see here are my expressions true I hope they strike a chord within you.


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