She could be very demanding at times. A rare occurrence though, only in the privacy of her dear ones, whose love she took for granted. Her upbringing was the reason for such behaviour. A giver at heart who slaved for everyone, she loved to hear being praised in return. Those who knew about her deprived childhood understood why.
As a child, she often saw her dad beat up and abuse her mom for compromising his dignity with the birth of a baby girl.

Domestic violence and assault is one are of law which the Murwillumbah Local Court deals with.
When, at last, a boy was born, the father was perpetually on an ego trip with his drunken friends. This was a never-ending embarrassment at home with drunkards eyeing the women. The man of the house did not care two hoots about anyone but himself. He was forever flexing his muscles or whatever was left of them, with his health and wealth diminishing by the day. The fair-weather friends would now leave early, with the man of the house bedridden and no alcohol to drink. The sick man could barely down his medicines.
One night a friend came back to the house quite drunk and went straight to the kitchen. The girl at once realised that he was the one who eyed her mother. She feigned ignorance but remained alert. Before she could warn her mother who was busy cooking, he made a pass at her mother. The mother hastily stepped back warning him. He drew close and pressed her body against his. Before he could do anything further, a sharp knife pierced his buttocks. The house was full of screams and there was blood all over the kitchen floor. The girl ran out in panic.

The rapist ended up in police custody and the girl at her loving grandmother’s house, a short distance away from hers. The man died of cirrhosis of the liver, leaving behind debts and ill fame. She was only fourteen, her mother thirty-four, and her brother, a six-year-old brat.
With the mother looking after the house and the brother schooling, the girl became the sole bread-earner of the family. From the age of twelve, she and her mom had run the family’s tailoring business, which had flourished when her Nana was alive. All this had to be subsequently sold off to clear their debts.
The girl now took up a job as an assistant to a reputed physiotherapist and was soon promoted as her deputy. She learnt to manipulate the joints. She was gradually introduced to rich men needing treatment or a massage, whatever you may call it. Masseuse is not a polite word for a lucrative carrier, and so, they are called massage therapists. She worked at the wellness centre for the mind, body and soul. What happens within the four walls and the massage bed depends on how the customer and the therapist gel with each other.

She was a sincere worker and everyone’s favourite, but giving in to customer demands was not an option. The only exception was him, she and he were one. He was the only stabilising feature in her life apart from grandma. They would massage each other and stretch each other’s bodies in all the yogic postures and more.
She put his endurance to the test. In the most awkward position she preferred, he went on. He accomplished a lot more as he knew that no one else could satiate her appetite. He considered this as a God-given opportunity to salvage her needs as they manifested. He thought his neck would break, his jaws would freeze or his tongue would come apart. Why should he not be able to bear this pain?

The rewards took long, but they came at last. He felt her fingers on his head lovingly caressing his hair, her legs gripping his back, enclosing him, and finally, her heels rubbing against his back vigorously till culmination. They were in bliss. Watching her gave him a high. The spontaneous joy of the recipient is the giver’s highest experience of purity. He was a giver more than she could fathom, the others who visited her were just takers. A masochist is a true giver whose endurance can satisfy the most demanding.
She was in love with his ways, a dream come true for her, as he loved to satisfy all her demands. She took his love for granted. The best part was that he made no demands on her as if he had no needs. The others were just the opposite. He was God-sent indeed, a reward for all her sufferings. She would tell him her mind. They let down their guard and they could see through each other. The only obstacle was the language as her education was limited to primary school. However, her street-smartness and wisdom made up for it. As a massage therapist, she knew how to service both body and mind. Her employer and her clients would seek her opinion on important matters.
He could not be termed a client although he was generous with money and he came to her for reasons beyond imagination. The only explanation for his peculiar behaviour was that, unlike a sadist, a masochist like him catered to the partner’s demand instead of making them.

A unique situation alright, she was blessed. But for this, there would have been no respite and nothing for her to look forward to in life. He, on the other hand, would experience the highest purity from the spontaneous joy she demonstrated as a reaction to his actions. He firmly believed that sex was all about fulfilling the needs of the recipient. Real men are givers who serve a demanding woman to evaluate their endurance.

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