S1E18: Is Screwvala A Rapist?

Recap S1E17 Shom and Raima back in BombayRaima got so engrossed in the chat that she was completely lost to the world. Shom noticed this and immediately took her away for a drive on Palm Beach road. They decided to live in their past for some time to recoup their energies and move forward with renewed spirits.

In retrospect, they knew that they were worlds apart. They decided to reflect on their ten-year old relationship and how to balance it with love, to defy the world that was tearing them apart.

Harry and Khush met after a long time at CCI. Khush thought he spotted Raima and was about to blindfold her from behind, when the woman suddenly turned her face towards him. His outstretched hands poised to blindfold her gave the impression that he was about to throttle her. The woman screamed, she was not Raima, only a lookalike!

Khush was too shocked himself to attempt an explanation. It didn’t help that those around thought he was trying to molest her. Fortunately for Khush and Harry, the members of a posh club just don’t act immediately. Being a senior and well-respected member, Harry was able to handle the situation calmly. Everyone laughed at the misunderstanding and the woman shook hands with Khush.

All was hunky-dory but Khush was annoyed with himself for thinking of Raima. He called her but her phone was out of reach, as was Shom’s. Harry reminded him that having stepped out of the party the previous day mesmerised with one another, they were probably off together to a far-off destination on the long weekend. Khush nodded grudgingly before he remembered something.

Khush: Harry, you left them a message on the group chat. Why didn’t they reply?

Just then, there was a message notification on their phones.

It was Raima, then Shom, saying that they had been recalling the times gone by. Natasha joined the conversation, wanting to know when Raima would be back.

Harry: That’s typically Shom, Raima and the old song ‘Thinking about the things we used to do’. Very nice! Nancy Sinatra and Dean Martin.

Khush: The lyrics are by Bobby Darin.

Harry keyed in his ‘bye’ and the conversation went silent. It was time for an omelette. While they were eating, Khush cribbed a lot.

Khush: These omelettes are no good compared to the ones our cook Prakash makes.

Harry: Prakash caters to your requirements; he knows what you like. This club cannot; they make what most people want.

Khush: These are bland. Not enough salt or spices.

Harry: Ha, we don’t have a special counter to make eggs to your liking, as hotels do. Why not add some green chili, salt and pepper lying in front of you?

Khush: Salt is a tricky thing. Difficult to spread it uniformly.

Harry: Why don’t you activate your taste buds? When they get more sensitive, you’ll taste the salt in the omelette and find your blood pressure levels falling.

Khush: How do I do that?

Harry: Visit your dentist. Yours is a sexy-looking one and friendly too. She can help you in more ways than one.

Khush: Which is the other way?

Harry: Mouth Congress! Tonguing (zabaan ladaana). It improves sharpness and sensitivity of the taste buds if done often. Both the participants benefit. A win-win.

Khush couldn’t control himself. He burst out laughing.

Khush: Thanks a lot. You got me out of a foul mood.

Harry: I have never seen you so defensive. I know you would have laughed at yourself and mesmerised the woman. Your confidence was lacking.

Khush: What do you mean? What do you think? Am I a clown to laugh all the time? Am I not a human being just because I am a Parsi? How much do you know about me? Yes, I was very nervous! Do you even know that, as a teenager, I was accused of rape?

Harry: I don’t believe this shit. You and rape, it’s just not possible.

Khush: It’s true, I’ll tell you everything, let’s just get out of this place.

Harry and Khush drove down the freeway to another club, the Bombay Presidency Golf Club. The Britishers had set it up over a 100 years ago, around the time Brabourne stadium/CCI was built. The freeway made it possible for them to sip sparkling wine while overlooking the expanse of the golf course in twenty minutes flat.

Khush looked relaxed now as he thought about the gorgeous widow in wild Goa.

Khush: This was the time when my Dad was going to be transferred back to Bombay from New York where we lived for nine years. I was visiting my grandpa at his beautiful cottage on the outskirts of Goa.


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