S2E28: Tequila Dinner

Recap – S2E27 – Howdy, Houston: Harry and Khush review the Modi-Trump rally in Houston. Harry explains how this will help India. Natasha calls, seeking Harry’s permission and blessings to go to Houston to study Business Management.
Arjun and Natasha were outside Picos, Arjun’s favourite restaurant in Houston – the Oil & Gas capital of the world.
Harry’s technology had made inroads into oil majors such as Chevron, Flour, Exxon, Mobil, ConocoPhillips and KBR in Texas. With the rupee depreciating against the dollar, catering to the export market was the best way forward.

Arjun had cut a smart deal by booking a suite on a monthly tariff at the Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa.
This time he’d brought Natasha along. They’d already spent a weekend here. Natasha was all praise for the place. She loved the lifestyle there and loathed staying in India. Arjun promised her that it was only a question of time before India was at the top, like the US. This, however, was his wishful thinking influenced by Harry’s dreams.
However, at this moment they were in a great mood after the hard work they had put in their respective fields. They were celebrating Natasha’s enrolment in the prestigious Johns Hopkins University for an MBA.
Picos – known for their Shaker Margarita, made with the perfect blend of ingredients – was the best place to start.
“Ma was so happy today when I gave her the news. Harry was with her. He complimented me and enquired about you,” said Natasha.
“I called to let him know that I have made progress with the companies I have met and will keep him updated of developments. I guess both of them are happy. And so, what next?”
“Let’s go back to our paradise.”
“Yeah, let’s have dinner.”
“Here or at the hotel?”
“This place is good for Mexican cuisine.”

“Let’s eat here.”
“Okay. How about Tequila Dinners; tequilas with classic Mexican cuisine?”
“Lovely! Let’s try it out.”
They had a roaring conversation over a hearty meal. On the way back to the hotel both were eager to get into bed.
“Why have you been keeping away from me?” asked Natasha.
“You are a self-sufficient person. Do you need anyone in your life?” replied Arjun.
“What do you mean? Don’t we all have needs?” she continued, noticing Arjun grin.
“Yes, and this place is full of toy shops. You can get anything you want.”
“You’re such a wicked man! You’ll be gone soon, leaving me alone.”
“I’ll keep coming back as the business grows. Feel free to use my suite; it’s booked for six months.”
“Thanks, honey. I’ll be staying in the university dorm but I’ll keep coming here when I want privacy with a friend. And where do I buy my toy?”
“At Pleasure Palace, next to the hotel. What size are you are looking for?”
“The same size as yours. Best suited to me.”
They laughed and hugged. Once outside their room, Arjun unlatched the door and both quickly stripped themselves before jumping into the welcoming bed.

To be continued…

Author: Tapan Ghosh
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