S2E34: Group Chat

Recap: S2E33 – In the Shower: Under the shower, Harry is lost in his thoughts. The mention of Shamiq puts Anita off. He realises that Anita is becoming dependent on him but he is in no position to reciprocate.

Tapan Ghosh StoryWhen Harry finally came out of the shower, he called out to Anita.

Getting no response, he recalled her annoyance. She looked hurt as she barged out of the bathroom. He picked up his phone to call her and came across several messages on the WhatsApp group chat. Khush, Swapna and Aneesha already knew about his proposed sundowner at Gadda-Da-Vida that evening. How did this happen? He realised that he had been in the bath far too long, immersed in his thoughts.

The only other person Harry had mentioned this to, was Khush. Anita had told Swapna and Khush had called Shamiq to make a booking. Shamiq was thrilled and he booked an exclusive corner table. Being a much-in-demand DJ, it wasn’t difficult for Shamiq to get a reservation at such short notice. Harry always depended on Khush’s networking skills for everything and that’s how this had started.

Anita was terrified about Harry’s plans.  She called her well-wisher Swapna, who in turn, tried calling Harry many times but in vain. She got busy on the group chat. Khush and Aneesha joined in. They awaited Harry’s response. He was the last person to respond on the chat.

Harry: Great job Khush. And Swapna, looks like I’ve had a tiff with Anita. Please bail me out and make sure she comes.

Khush: It was a great thought. Let’s enjoy. Please get Anita.

Aneesha: Anita must come. Shamiq is not going to trouble her, he’s my younger bro.

Swapna: Okay, honey, leave her to me.

Harry: Thanks, guys. Please pick me up at 4. Khush, God bless.


To be continued…



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