S2E05: Like Father, Like Son

Recap S2E04 – Calling a Blackmailer’s Bluff:

Khush recalls the time he saved his friend Zareena from being blackmailed for adultery. She and her neighbour Farook had been spending time together at a hotel. The manager had tried to extort money from Zareena, but the day he visited her house for the hush money, the Supreme Court ruled that adultery was not an offence. The manager was apprehended and put behind bars.

“Your son is a handsome bloke,” remarked Aneesha, admiring Arjun. He looked a bit confused as he didn’t know her well enough. She had the look of an athlete. Arjun watched her long and shapely legs as she moved about in the hall.

What Arjun fell for were the well-curved butts and boobs that were not big, but firm and jutting out. Khush was the lucky one, he thought. As Arjun’s eye followed Aneesha, Anita noticed it and said, “Like father, like son.” Everyone nodded in agreement, while Anita and Harry smiled at each other.

“How’s your spa doing?” asked Harry.

“It has closed down,” said Anita grimly. “The owner decided to shut the business due to reducing patronage. We had some regular clients like Shom and there were others like you and Arjun, who visited sparingly.” 

“What are you up to, Anita? Why are you dragging my dad’s name into this?” demanded Arjun.

“It had an impeccable reputation. We had the Who’s Who of SoBo as our customers.”

“I don’t know, I heard a few things.”

“I loved Shom. But you can’t blame the spa for what you heard from Khush.”

“What’s the fuss about?” interjected Harry. “Arjun, don’t be harsh on Anita. Let’s not be judgemental.”

“I agree,” chipped in Swapna. “That’s the way to live life.”

“Arjun is just being protective towards his dad,” said Khush.

“Now tell me, Anita, have your dues been settled?” enquired Harry.

“I have got most of it; 30% of the profits amounts to 40 lakh, of which Mariwala has given me 30. I managed that before I left Bombay.”

Swapna hoped that Anita would get the balance money soon. Harry offered all help possible.

Used to a life of luxury, Natasha felt bored with the conversation. She took Arjun away to a corner to remind him that he was the only man in her life. At that point, Aneesha butted in, asking him whom he would marry.

“I don’t want to get married again. And as dad says, it’s not in vogue either,” he replied. Everyone burst out laughing.

“I know about you and Natasha,” remarked Harry.

“How did you expect him not to know this?” asked Swapna. Everybody laughed.

“Natasha has been broadcasting this. And dad, I did not have the guts to tell you,” said Arjun.

“I don’t hide anything from you. Do you think I care what you do? Life is just playing musical chairs from one to the other. Flirt with life, the only way out,” responded Harry.

“That’s great, dad! Like father, like son.”

Father and son hugged and everyone was all smiles, except Natasha, who looked quite bored. She pulled Anita away and asked her for a hard kiss.


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