S2E06: Anita Pins Down Natasha

Recap S2E05 – Like Father, Like Son:

Aneesha compliments Arjun on his looks and Arjun gives her an eyeful. Anita comments that the son is following in his father’s footsteps. Harry enquires about Anita’s spa. It has closed down and Anita is trying to recover her dues from the owner. Bored with the conversation, Natasha pulls Anita away for a hard kiss.

Natasha was at her worst behaviour, pulling Anita away from the others and demanding a kiss from her. Anita decided to put an end to her nonsense.

“You are going bonkers, Natasha, control yourself,” she said.

“You were eyeing Arjun all the time when he was in his trunks at Calcutta Club. You have blown your gasket. I am going to….”


Anita sealed her lips with hers. She pressed her mouth hard against Natasha’s, then jabbed her under-tongue with the tip of her tongue, to settle the score. Being physically stronger, she knew how to control Natasha when required. Natasha got what she wanted and their tongues caressed every nook and corner of each other’s mouth. What a tongue twister, thought Anita, as they discreetly re-joined the group.

The discussion going on was about the allocation of rooms to the members of the group. Natasha was not going to share her room with anyone except Anita.

“Fine,” said Arjun, “I will shift to a cosy room next to yours if you help me set it up.”

“Aneesha and I are shifting to a hotel nearby; don’t you worry,” said Khush.

“Arjun, we will set to up in no time,” offered Anita.

“Hold it, I have got the room ready, it doesn’t have an independent loo, though,” said Swapna.

“That’s no problem, there’s one common between this room and mine,” replied Arjun.

“You are wonderful Swapna, my swapna, my dream. I would be lost without Aneesha and Khush staying with us tonight,” added Harry.

Khush heaved a sigh of relief and bowed low to thank Swapna. She has planned it all. Aneesha and Harry were pleased too.

“We have had a long day, so let’s have an early night. Dinner is going to be served in ten minutes,” announced Swapna.

“No, not so early,” protested Natasha.

“Anyone who wants to eat later can serve themselves. The leftovers will be in the kitchen. Please don’t forget to use the dishwasher,” said Swapna.

That was that! Ramu was busy setting the table. After dinner, the kids went out and the elders settled down in nightwear with their choice of nightcap. They were all in Harry’s master bedroom adjoining the room where Aneesha and Khush would spend the night.

Swapna was sitting on the couch with her lovely skin showing through her negligee. Khush was seated next to the eye candy. He wondered what Harry might think, but Swapna aroused his desire. He kept looking for Harry’s reaction but found him completely immersed with Aneesha.

Harry didn’t seem to worry about what Khush or Swapna thought about it. He was bindaas. Khush felt so guilty that he did not care what Harry and Aneesha were after.

Swapna caught his attention. “Hey Khush, what’s wrong with you. You seemed to be too possessive about Aneesha. Don’t worry, Harry will never harm a woman,” she said, as she drew close and put her hands around him.

The mere sight of her bare armpits was enough to melt Khush.


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