S2E07: Khush Loses Control

Recap S2E06 – Anita Pins Down Natasha:

Natasha pulls Anita away and demands a kiss. Being physically stronger, Anita settles the score. The group settles down with a nightcap after dinner. Khush is attracted to Swapna while Harry has eyes only for Aneesha.

The next morning there was chaos at Dum Dum airport. Jet Airways cancelled its flights, inconveniencing the entourage flying back to Bombay. Still asleep, Natasha had to be put into the car to take her to the airport to catch an earlier flight.

Fortunately for Khush, Aneesha and Swapna, their Air India flight was only in the afternoon. Harry realised that Khush was not his usual self.

“Khush, what’s the matter, why are you behaving so strangely?” he enquired.

“Things are out of my control,” replied Khush.

“Learn to lose control, become bindaas!”

“You don’t want to know what happened between Swapna and me last night.”

“Swapna is not the kind to create a problem. And the two of you hit is off well. Then what is the issue?”

“She’s your soulmate, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I don’t think you would do so.” Harry led Khush out into the garden. Swapna and Aneesha were in the bath. “You seem to have a lot of wrong notions. It’s my fault; I have not told you everything. Swapna and I are independent of each other. It took us nearly 40 years to get there. The worse that can happen to us now is to be in a relationship. You can help us by ensuring that we don’t fall into this trap again. I will also be doing you a good turn by giving you someone you love. I remember you telling me what your grandpa did to you when you were 15, with the lovely Parsi widow in Goa. I look so much like him and I did the same thing by taking away Swapna from you when you were 50 and in Bombay. So cheer up and have her now.”

“Can you tell me everything that happened between you and Swapna from the time she was 14?”

“Of course I will, though it will be quite a time-consuming exercise.

“You have still not told me about ganja and the bindaas story, and how the two are connected.”

“That, I can narrate without you having to miss your flight. Let’s go in and see what’s taking them so much time in the bath.”

Swapna and Aneesha were not to be seen in the living hall or the kitchen. Harry and Khush went up to see them coming out of the bath together, beaming from ear to ear. On seeing Harry, they were all over him, feeling good because Harry could feel their joy. Khush found Swapna gorgeous with her hair tied up. He was tempted to get into bed with her again, but his thoughts were interrupted by Anita coming up the stairs.

“Did you guys miss your flight?” asked Khush.

“No only I missed it, the others are on their way back to Bombay,” she replied.

“How did you miss it?” Swapna wanted to know.


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