S2E08: One for the Road

Recap S2E07 – Khush Loses Control:

With Jet Airways cancelling their flights, the entourage had to reschedule their flights back to Bombay.

Harry noticed that Kush was not his usual self. Khush admits to losing control over himself.

Swapna and Aneesha step out of the bath together, beaming from ear to ear. Khush is tempted to get into bed with her but his thoughts are interrupted by Anita’s return from the airport. She has missed her flight.

Anita was looking pale and defeated; no one had ever seen her like that. She always exuded confident and was full of energy.

“Where is your baggage?” asked Swapna.

“In the car. I drove it back. We were supposed to leave it in the parking lot for the driver to bring back.”

“And why have you come back?”

“Natasha and I had a big fight in the car when she finally woke up just before reaching Dum Dum. I forcibly changed her clothes while she was asleep in the car. I packed her belongings too. But when she went through her suitcase, she found one thing missing and she blamed me for it.”

Swapna knew what that was, but she kept quiet.

“At the airport she checked in with her handbag, leaving Arjun and me to handle her suitcases. We were already late and the security wouldn’t let me check in. My ticket was with Natasha. Arjun and I tried frantically to explain my situation but the security wouldn’t budge. Being election time, they are on high alert.”


Anita began to cry. Swapna put an arm around to pacify her. She was upset with Natasha. Realising that Anita would not have eaten anything since the morning, she took her down for breakfast. Anita’s situation was all the more helpless since she had no job. Later, Swapna brought her to the bedroom and suggested that she rest awhile.

When Swapna returned to the master bedroom to be with Harry, he gave her a questioning look.

“I didn’t ask, but you seemed to know what was missing from Natasha’s suitcase.”

Swapna tried to supress a smile before breaking out into giggles.

“It was the double-headed dildo; Natasha’s precious possession. I had taken it away from her room yesterday.”

Both burst out into laughter.

“When you were dancing with Aneesha, I found her too tantalising. I took her up and we felt each other and talked. She was all charged up when I showed her Natasha’s double-headed dildo.”

“So what did you do?”

“We hugged and kissed. I felt her there. She was extremely sensitive. This morning we did it all and had a bath together.”

Harry caressed her smiling lips with his and she clung to him. They went all the way, slowly but surely. Swapna thought this was one for the road for her.

Harry dropped Swapna, Khush and Aneesha to the airport and ran some errands before going for a swim and dinner at the club. Back home, he hit the bed when Anita knocked on his door.


Next Episode: S2E09 – Anita Bonds with Harry

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