S2E09: Anita Bonds with Harry

Recap S2E08 – One for the Road:

Natasha checks in, leaving Anita stranded. She blames Anita for losing one of her belongings. Anita returns to Harry’s house. Swapna knows that the missing object is a double-headed dildo that she herself has removed from Natasha’s suitcase, to use with Aneesha. Harry and Aneesha enjoy one for the road. After everyone has left, Harry returns home. Anita knocks on his door.

Realising that it could only be Anita at the door, Harry sat up and straightened his pyjamas before asking her to enter. She was all dressed up.

“Are you going out or are you back from somewhere?”

“I have been here all day. Just had a bath after a long snooze. I knew you were in, no sooner I heard your air-conditioner running.”

“Sorry, I have been a bit unsocial today; I had a lot going on in my mind.”

“Not at all. I know that the four of you left immediately after lunch and you have come back only now. I used this opportunity to catch up on my sleep.”

“Very nice! When is your flight to Bombay?”

“I want to ask if I can spend some more time here to get my bearings right.”

“Suit yourself, I have no problem. Did you eat on time?”

“Yes. Swapna fed me brunch when I came back starving. I just had another meal and I am done for the night. Can I get you something to eat?”

“Glad that you have eaten. I am not a good host and Ramu is away. I had my meals at the club. I can only give you company for a nightcap.”

“Wow, thanks. That will be great!”

“I have been recommended pan liqueur as a digestive and for good sleep.”

“I would love to try it.”

Harry poured the drink into liqueur glasses and sure enough, after a few sips they felt relaxed. Propped up by pillows, he reclined on the bed and she sat on the couch across.

“I don’t feel like going to Bombay I have nothing to do there. I enjoyed my work. It also acted as a workout. But now with the closure, I am all at sea.”

“What if you and Natasha team up to start a new venture? She has the money and you are industrious. It will provide you with an occupation and financial stability. And a sense of purpose will give her mental stability.”

“It makes sense. I tried to reason it out with her; that’s why I am here. She was gung-ho initially but now everything has backfired; we have had a major rift.”

“What about?”

“About Arjun. She suspects I am trying to woo him. This is not true.”

“This is typical of Natasha. She is afraid she will lose both if you and Arjun get together. But in Bombay, the three of you will not be together. It will work out.”

“With her, you can never tell. She’s too fickle-minded. I like it very much here. Calcutta has had a feel-good effect on me.”

“What do you like about this place?”

“Difficult to say. Maybe it’s just the British legacy or the people who are arty and intellectual.”

“I was born here a year before independence. At that time it was the second-best city in the world after London. I shifted to Bombay after my schooling, when the Naxalite movement began.”

“My grandpa is from here. My dad also studied here but I was born in Bombay. I think my business can grow here, I get that feeling.”

“I will wait for the election results before I plan anything. I want my birthplace to regain its charm and status.”

“That will be lovely, I love this place, Salt Lake City. This house is beautiful, especially the outhouse. The glass walls give you the open-to-sky feeling. I am sure you do your workout there. How else would you have such a trim and fit body?”

“Yes. Today, of course, I went for a swim at the Calcutta Club. But you can use it.” 


“Thanks, I would love to. I work out when I give stretches and deep tissue massage. You remember the therapy I gave you once? You said you loved it. Do you want it now?”

“I would be happy with a session tomorrow.”

“Right! Let’s do it tomorrow. Good night!”

Next morning they woke up to a cocktail of orange juice, lime and garlic which Ramu served them. After breakfast they headed for the gym in the outhouse. Harry got a start when they met. Anita looked stunning in her gym gear; the shortest of shorts and a sexy top to go with it.


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