S2E10: Working Out With Anita

Recap S2E09 – Anita Bonds with Harry:

Harry and Anita bond over a nightcap. Anita likes Calcutta and wants to set up her work there. Harry suggests that she start something with Natasha, but Anita is apprehensive about it. Natasha has been insecure about losing Arjun to Anita. Anita offers Harry a deep tissue massage. The next morning he gets a start on seeing Anita at the gym in his outhouse.

Harry looked at Anita again; he had never seen her like this before. Oh my God, what is He up to now? He wondered why He couldn’t leave him in peace.

Anita admired the scene outside. Open to nature, yet and in complete privacy. She turned towards Harry, who was checking her out.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she enquired.

“I am admiring God’s creation, like you are,” he replied naughtily.

Anita blushed on seeing his unapologetic desire. But Harry decided not to get carried away; some control was necessary. Beauty was meant to be admired, not grabbed.

“Anyone admiring God’s beauty automatically looks admirable,” he said.

Anita smiled as she led him by his hand to the gym in the basement. It was equipped with a variety of machines.

Harry pulled out a resistance band, his constant companion, and began to demonstrate a range of exercises.

“I don’t allow myself an excuse for not having access to a gym or a pool,” he added.

“Very impressive, but for today please keep it away as we have to do some cold stretches to warm up. After that we can start off with exercises,” she responded.

“What comes first, cardio or weights?”

“The hard and cold stretching, before; warm stretching, after. The rest can be done in consultation with your trainer.”

“Are you going to be my trainer?”

“Only if I can be of help.”

“I like that. You will ensure that I get there.”

“I want to check your metabolic age and related factors before I make the final plan,” said Anita.

She drew closer to Harry and examined him by applying pressure at various points to assess his reactions. “It’s easy to know about your body and mind because you don’t conceal anything.”

She stood facing him, pushing his palms with hers and stretching their butts, backs and hamstrings to the maximum. Then, standing back-to-back, hand in hand, they extended their arms, raising them for a chest stretch. How Harry wished he could see the two of them stretch! He asked her.

She nodded and did the arm and shoulder stretches. She could see his chest stretch and when he did the same to her, he noticed how her chest stretched forward exactly the way he had imagined.

“The stretches are over. We must now do cardio or weights. I suggest you do either on alternate days. Beginning next week, do weights and cardio, in that order. The reverse is prone to injury,” advised Anita.

“Do I need to increase my muscle mass?”

“Yes, and also reduce your fat. Let’s start doing the weights now before the body temperature drops. Let’s do this facing the mirror, not facing each other or even looking out through the glass. 15 minutes each of heavy weights and strength training. Planks and warm stretches thereafter.”

Both worked out without uttering a word. After a short break Harry did his planks, staying in that position for five minutes. Anita was impressed by his stamina. She came on him for the post-workout stretches. They were vigorous, yet loving. Anita identified each exercise by name. Halasana was the sexiest, thought Harry. Afterwards, they lay down exhausted. Anita gave him a glass of fresh lime and water. They had a power nap and showered before Harry left for work. He kissed her on the forehead before setting out.

When he came back after a dinner meeting, Anita was not to be seen. He changed into pyjamas and went to bed when there was a knock on the door. It was Anita in a negligee.

“How about a nightcap?” she asked. Harry was all smiles.


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