S2E11: Beyond the Nightcap

Recap S2E10 – Working Out With Anita:

Harry eyes Anita but exercises control over himself. The two of them work out at Harry’s gym in the outhouse. Anita acts as his trainer and puts him through a fitness regimen. That night when Harry is in bed, there is a knock on his door. A negligee-clad Anita walks in.

Anita walked in, as if struttering on the ramp, wearing a negligee that came up almost a foot above her knees. She looked like an enchanting seductress from the city of joy.

“Why a nightcap when the night is as beautiful and young as you are? Let me get some bubbly,” said Harry.

He produced a Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut, popped it open and poured it into two glasses.

“Why did you choose to seduce me like this?” asked Harry, unable to take his eyes off her juicy lips moving on the glass rim as they sucked in the bubbles.

 “Did you give me a choice? You played so hard to get that I decided not to give you a choice,” said Anita.

She moved her face close to his. The warmth of her seductive breath was enough for him to put aside his favourite bubbly and take her glowing cheeks in his palms. His lips felt the flesh of her lusty ones as his mouth took her lower lip. She gripped his upper lip with a slight impression of her teeth and firmness of her upper lip to close the circuit. Their tongues fenced each other, penetrating and exploring every nook and corner of the other’s mouth. He lifted her to the bed and feeling her wet inside, pierced her like a knife in through butter. She came on hard and he was more than a match. They were exhausted by the end of it all. The only energy they had left was enough to collapse on each other. They slept with her head on his chest and his arms enclosing her.

Early in the morning, she tiptoed to her room before Ramu entered the house.

When they met for breakfast, they were all smiles. Swapna called to ask Harry about him and Anita. She was thrilled to know that Anita was giving him good company, more so after her own interaction with Khush.

“Anita is going to support our cause,” said Swapna. “This has also taught us not to get attached to anyone.”

“Well said. God has his ways to give back what he takes, but with new challenges and excitement. He leaves it to us to make the best of it or otherwise,” said Harry, handing over the phone to Anita.

Anita got a start, but she was listening to their talk keenly and she took the phone from Harry’s hands.

“Hi Swapna, I am taking a good break and absorbing all the learnings from the guru. We did a fabulous workout yesterday. I love this place but I will decide after the elections are over. Harry and I are returning to Bombay tomorrow,” said Anita.

In the outhouse, they lay down on the bed, reliving their fabulous time the night before.

“You are the healthiest man I have ever met. I can tell because I have dealt with them all,” said Anita.

“What about my age? You told me that I was fat,” asked Harry.

“Your fat mass is a bit above normal but you muscle mass is good. The age to consider is not the number of years you have lived but the metabolic age.”

“What’s my metabolic age?”

“We will get it checked at CCI, they have the best machine. It’s likely to be around 50. That means you are younger than Khush. But don’t get complacent, let’s do our workout.”

Saying so, Anita rose from the bed, all charged up.


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