S2E12: Back in Bombay

Recap S2E11: Beyond the Nightcap:

Harry is in bed when Anita walks in. Dressed in a negligee, she is all set to seduce him. A round of champagne does the trick. Swapna calls in the morning. She is glad that Anita is giving Harry company; more so after her own interaction with Khush. Anita tells Swapna about their plan to return to Bombay the following day.

Harry and Anita were on the flight to Bombay, having worked round the clock to wind up before leaving Calcutta. Harry concluded his discussions with Haldia Refinery and promised to get back after the government formation.

Anita had had discussions with three spa owners in Salt Lake City. Red Rose Spa had evinced interest in her. She had to send them a project report.

“I heard you on the phone. You must progress because you have the calibre. If you don’t, we have no business to be together,” said Harry.

“You are unnecessarily being harsh on our relationship,” replied Anita.

“No relationship! No attachments! Ours is a friendship, which is more like a detached attachment. We are independent of each other. It is an arrangement that has no name and no rules to follow. It must be a win-win.”

“I get the message. If you do not become healthier and fitter than what you are today, I am not required.”

“Nice, that was quick,” said Harry, kissing her on the cheek.

“Do you love me? You have never said you do,” asked Anita.

“Do I need to say that? Love speaks for itself. You can feel it, basic instincts speak for themselves.”

“Basic instinct is animal instinct, not love,” countered Anita.

“What is love, but purity like instinct? Natural behaviour, not something you have learnt, thought about or planned.”

“Survival is the primary instinct. Then come love, hate and fear.”

“So we know now what love is. A relationship is just a barrier. Relationships are manmade while love is Godly.”

“How can you love both Swapna and me?”

“Why put restrictions on love? Love is limitless. A relationship isn’t. You are better off without being in one.”

“Did you break up with Swapna?”

“Yes, we did, to cut off our relationship. Our love has stood the test of time.”

“But isn’t Swapna your soulmate?”

“A soulmate is the means to love; the purity within. This resides in every person. Wherever you find it, it is the connection to the soul.”

“Can you have more than one soulmate?”

“Why not? There cannot be a singular soulmate because the soul is limitless purity, it is not a person.”

“So, are we soulmates?”

“Only if we are free of attachment and it is a win-win.”

Both looked happy. After their meal, Anita asked for a blanket which she spread on Harry and herself. They tried to take a nap. Suddenly Harry felt Anita’s hand stroking his pubic bone. Much as he wanted to object, he could not. The sensation was pleasing. Anita had the art of feeling the right muscle and applying the right amount of pressure. Harry’s expressions seemed to convey that he was enjoying the massage, while wondering what she was up to.

“This is a prostate massage, every man needs it. With age the prostate tends to get enlarged,” said Anita, as if reading his mind.

“How do you know so much about me?”

“I know more about men than they do. Just as you know more about women than women do. I will teach you Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This supports the bladder and bowel, and improves sexual function.” 

“My God, you have taken your job seriously.”

“I have to empower myself and others like me.”

“Just be careful, it’s a man’s world. Men feel threatened by women like you.”

“You are right. In my profession, I try to learn Sanskrit to enhance my credibility.”

“How does that help?”

“A yoga teacher is free to teach exercises and partner-stretching, and work on every muscle in the body, so long as he can define a procedure and give it an appropriate Sanskrit name.”

The stewardess announced that they would soon land in Bombay. Anita’s thoughts returned to recovering her dues from her ex-employer Mariwala.

Harry turned to Anita and asked, “Where do you stay?


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