S2E14: Anita and Natasha Hit It Off

Recap S2E13 – Anita in Harry’s Pad:

Anita has nowhere to go. Harry advises her against returning to her ex-employer’s flat. He takes her to his house in Colaba. Anita is impressed by the view of the sea from the apartment. Harry confesses to being a flirt. He believes in flirting with life.

Harry called Swapna the next day and set up a meeting for Anita and himself. Swapna invited them over to her place. Natasha was there, waiting for them. She came forward to hug Harry and Anita when they arrived and pulling Anita by her hand, led her away.

“They seem to be in love with each other. Natasha’s apprehension about Anita falling for Arjun’s charms and suspicion about stealing the double-headed dildo appear to have vanished,” remarked Swapna.

“That because you owned up to stealing her dildo,” said Harry.

“It’s you, not Arjun, whom Anita is after.”

“Likewise, it’s you, not Anita, who stole the dildo,” countered Harry in jest. The leg-pulling went on for a while.

“We are so different from others; I feel strange. We don’t belong here,” commented Swapna.

“We are the liberated ones. Be glad we mingle with everyone. Today, more and more people don’t consider sex taboo. It is a basic need, just like food,” said Harry.

“Sex is food for both, mind and body.”

“And if you call it dirty, your mind and body would be dirty.”

“It is possible to outgrow anything that’s not tabooed.”

“Because you are no longer attached, you don’t end up being possessive or a rapist.”

Harry was so pleased with life that he began to flirt with Swapna. He tried to seduce her while she was doubling with laughter. Both were in a jovial mood and making digs at each other. Jumping into bed, they got playful, throwing pillows at each other.

Before they knew it, they were in a physical encounter. Pure to the core, they peaked simultaneously and remained entangled in bed thereafter.

“Anita is a godsend for us,” said Swapna.

“Absolutely! She’s a breath of fresh air for me, but too involving. It’s a challenge to bring about a win-win for everyone and in every possible way,” added Harry.

Hearing a round of hearty laughter from Natasha’s room, they straightened up. Anita entered the room.

“Natasha is coming home to stay with us,” announced Anita as she entered the room.


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