S2E15: All Together

Recap S2E14 – Anita and Natasha Hit It Off:

Harry and Anita go over to Swapna’s place after their return from Calcutta. Forgetting her earlier outburst, Natasha bonds with Anita. Harry and Swapna get into a jovial mood and before they know it, they are in bed together. Anita announces that Natasha is coming over to stay with them.

“Hey, Harry,” said Khush on the phone.

“How are you doing, Khush?” asked Harry, while having a nightcap with two beautiful women.

“Did you read about Ness Wadia getting 2-year suspended prison sentence in Japan for possession of cannabis?

“Sad! When we ban something, we do not allow anyone to outgrow it. The youth are the victims. We are responsible for misleading them.”

“Why is the media silent on such grave issues? The Americans were the ones to ban cannabis for their own gains and the rest of the world followed. Now they have legalised it for its health benefits. But by not legalising it here, smugglers and terrorists stand to gain. The cannabis concentrate capsule they produce is in great demand. The deprived youth here are spending their hard-earned money to fund such people.”


“If only more funds were available for vocational training programs in my factories!”

“You are building an army of trained engineers and highly skilled workmen and helping them secure employment. I know because I keep getting feedback.” 

“That’s a lot you know.”

“I get the news from the smart principal you have hired for your CSR activity.”

Suddenly, both Anita and Natasha jumped up. They looked thrilled at what they saw on their iPhones and showed it to Harry who was equally thrilled. He told Khush to look up the post on his phone. Khush called out to Aneesha who wanted to celebrate this development.

“I can’t believe that the UN has eventually declared Masood Azhar a global terrorist,” she said in joy. “It’s a proud moment for every Indian. India now has a say on the world stage.”

“This is a major diplomatic win for India,” said Harry to Khush. “Thanks to our dear Shom’s mails relaying Saif’s correspondence with JEM. This will enhance your clout in official circles.” 

Aneesha called Swapna who sounded equally upbeat. She wanted everyone to come over to her place. Eventually, they all met at the Bombay Presidency Golf Club, Chembur the following day. The venue suited Natasha as Arjun didn’t like the place and stayed away, thereby eliminating the possibility of him seeing Anita in her sexy outfit.

Nastasha was fine with Harry’s closeness to Anita, but Arjun was a different matter.

At the club Anita clung to Harry and expressed a desire to learn golf. As they were about to enter the walkway adjoining the first hole, she saw Mariwala arguing with his caddy. He noticed her too. Harry slipped away from there to get Khush into the picture.

“What have you done with Anita?” asked Khush.

“She spotted Mariwala on the first tee off and needs your help,” said Harry.

Khush went up to Mariwala and enquired, “When did you take to golf? Are you playing a four-ball, waiting for the others?”

“No. I am a new member and I was on my way to the other side to shoot some balls. I have been asked by the coach to practice with my clubs,” replied Mariwala.

“I see,” said Khush looking at his set of old and heavy clubs. “Better get some graphite ones if you want to get on to the greens and acquire a handicap. This old Wilson set won’t do anymore,” he advised.

“Don’t worry, Anita, I will get in touch with you,” said Mariwala, shifting his gaze to her.

“When? I need my money immediately,” said Anita.

Khush gave Mariwala a questioning look that made the latter nervous.

“I was going to call you to pay you the rest of the money. Please come to the office tomorrow to collect it,” he said.

“Let her know the exact time. She now works with Harry and needs to plan her day accordingly,” added Khush.

“OK, OK,” stammered Mariwala.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for Khush and Anita.

”His tone changed the moment he saw Khush,” said Anita, narrating the encounter.

“I guess he didn’t want to be exposed in a club full of people who matter,” thought Khush.

“Just like my girl,” said Natasha and hugged Anita.

“Now is the time to celebrate,” summed up Harry.

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