S2E18: Harry and Swapna Break Up

Recap S2E17 – Psyche Nite:

Harry continues with the recollection of his early years.

With Nancy gone, he was at a loose end. There was no news of her. He reckoned that she must have died.

When Harry’s family moved to Bombay, Swapna came into his life. He felt there was a connection between Nancy and Swapna. They met at Bullock Cart, Kala Ghoda and the attraction was immediate.

Swapna planted a kiss on Harry’s cheek and move out of his lap to give him some space.

“Don’t get excited; we didn’t have sex the way you guys do nowadays. There were many awkward moments as Harry was reluctant,” began Swapna.

“Why?” asked Natasha.

“It would have been easier, had I been a sugar daddy. Not only was I was old enough to be her dad, but also a pauper in comparison with her dad, the famous jeweller of Warden Road. She was destined to marry into a wealthy family as per the norms of society. All our physical encounters were full of guilt,” said Harry.

“But we have overcome all differences now. Our love is like never before, but not like before,” added Swapna.

“Our love is bindaas,” said Harry.

“What kind of love is this? Did you have sex?” asked Natasha.

“Yes,” affirmed Swapna.

“Did you enjoy it?”


“Absolutely. The after effects were killing. We had to sober down,” added Harry.

“Every time we decided to meet, we had to be very cautious,” said Swapna.

“Her dad was the suspicious type. It affected my work too. We had to break up,” said Harry.

“What nonsense! Why did you have to break up?” asked Natasha.

“Because of Nancy,” said Swapna.

Everyone was taken by surprise. Swapna burst out laughing. Unable to control herself, she walked out of the room. The others turned to Harry for an answer.

Harry obliged. “It was the tenth year of our relationship; she was 24 and I was 38. l told Swapna that it was high time she got married. To make sure she moved on, I told her that l was going to marry within a month. We decided to meet one last time at our usual rendezvous. This meeting would stay with us for a lifetime. The encounter took us to new pinnacles. When we were finally exhausted, I called out to Nancy, without realising it. I cannot forget the look on Swapna face.” 

“She wanted to know who Nancy was. I tried to explain but she cut me short, accusing me of cheating on her. I had no answer, I had never had sex with Nancy but she had always been with me. Swapna wore her clothes and walked off. I joined her at the cafe nearby and ordered two cups of coffee.”

“We sat across each other in total silence. Slowly, we picked up a conversation, but the more we talked, the less we seemed to say. We were completely out of synch, our thoughts were poles apart. We didn’t even look at each. Although done with our usual coffee, neither of us chose to get up from our chairs. We were sitting in a restaurant that was almost empty. Although running a company, I was just an engineer, not a businessman. I had more on my plate than I could chew. She had to rush back, as her dad was keeping a close watch on her. Yet neither of us made the first move; we kept looking everywhere else but at each other, thinking of something appropriate to say before we left. The question was, who would initiate the breakup and how? I knew that after ten years, this was going to be rather tough. Being much older, I had to take this call. I wanted it to be as smooth as possible, so that we remained friends.” said Harry.

“I was relieved that she broke the ice by asking me what I was thinking.  I said the best we could do was not be dependent on each other, as dependence would degrade our love to the level of attachment. True love was not confined to a single relationship. Separating would protect her dad from the shock of knowing about us. We would demonstrate our strength by going our separate ways.” 

“A long pause followed. She looked away, staring at ceiling and I waited for eye contact. Eventually, she looked at me and said that we should leave. I nodded. She seemed to be calm and poised and not worked up as usual. This was the best thing that could have happened, as I did not want to call it off with sorrow or anger. She turned to face me; an unintended smile appeared on her lips. We looked into each other’s eyes, as if looking into our souls.”

“It was a spiritual encounter. This was the endorsement we needed to give ourselves confidence. We hugged like never before and parted, telling each other that a break-up could only happen in a relationship, not in love,” concluded Harry.

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