S2E19: Shamiq and His Goddess

Recap S2E18 – Harry and Swapna Break Up:

Swapna and Harry recall their breakup when Swapna was 24 and Harry, 38. Neither of them wanted to initiate the move. Eventually, being older, Harry had to take the call. He said that they must not be dependent on each other, as this would degrade their love to the level of attachment. Going their separate ways would also avoid giving Swapna’s dad a shock if he came to know about their association.

“I have been looking for you for years; I had to find you. You are my goddess,” said Shamiq.

“What rubbish! I was only 16 and desperate to have sex, I had to arouse you. I struggled to extract some action out of you,” replied Anita.

“You aroused me and how! Oh my God! You are my goddess! That was my first time with a woman. I am otherwise only with the Lord himself.”

“You are a freak. Get out of here.” Her scream brought Harry into the room.

“What’s the matter? Why are you screaming? Shamiq, when did you come?” asked Harry.

“I have been trying to reach her for a long time,” said Shamiq.

“How do you guys know each other?” asked Harry.

Anita made a face and charged out, banging the door shut. Harry called Khush asked him to meet up as Shamiq was around. Shamiq was thrilled as Khush and he got along well. He had located Aneesha and had helped Shom and her in Jaipur. He excused himself and went to the toilet. Stripping, he inspected every part of his body in the full-length mirror.

He was in love with himself. He kissed his reflection in the mirror right on the lips. Then he massaged his groin with body lotion, fantasising about his goddess Anita, and the way she aroused him. Merely seeing her angry was enough to give him a high.

There was a knock on the door. It was Khush with Aneesha beside him. He reached out for her and they hugged like old buddies.

“Please feel at home and help yourself to drinks and something to nibble. Anita has taken Raima’s place in the house. I don’t know what’s happened to her today. Can someone help?” asked Harry.

“I can,” offered Shamiq.

“You keep out of it Shamiq, you are the cause. Only you can handle her, Harry,” said Khush.

Harry knocked on Anita’s door. She pulled him in and locked the door. Before he could speak, she stopped him.

“I don’t want to socialise today; not with that creep in the house,” she said.

“There’s nothing wrong with him, he’s just gay,” said Harry.

“I left Natasha to be with you today, but you don’t even look at me nowadays. You are surrounded by people.”

“You just relax. I will make an excuse for you and later we will have dinner together; just the two of us.”

Anita liked that and she pulled him forward for a succulent kiss that took the breath out of him. He quickly wiped his lips, stroked her cheeks lovingly and left.

“I see there’s a problem,” remarked Khush and Harry nodded.

“It’s all to do with me,” said Shamiq. “I have been looking out for her because she’s the only woman I have had sex with. She’s the only one who could arouse me.”

Aneesha patted his back to quieten him; they were similar in many ways. If absolute male and female were the two extremes, ardhanari would be the golden mean. They would be closer to the centre, but on opposite sides; Aneesha on the female side and Shamiq, male.

“Shamiq, you have some female biological traits and I have some male. I underwent a sex change,” said Aneesha.

“Did you have a prostate, which you got removed?” asked Harry.

“I have a prostate because I had a penis. The penis and testicles have been removed but not the prostate. The clitoris was created from the gland and the head of the penis. The skin on the penis and scrotum was used to create the inner and outer labia,” replied Aneesha.

“She has the prettiest outie going. It’s very sensitive we are about to locate the G spot,” added Khush.

“Hey, you have two G spots; one through the anus and another through the vagina. Give me five!” said Shamiq. “But I will never get my goddess back. I will have to live with my G spot in the prostate with anal pleasure, and never satisfy a female.”

“Don’t worry Shamiq. I will be your goddess and you can serve me by looking for my new G spot,” said Aneesha.

“At your service, my goddess,” he said, kneeling before a smiling Aneesha.


To be continued…

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