S2E02: Raima, the Angel

Recap S2E1 – Intense Grief and Ultimate Bliss :

Harry reminisces about the past and turns philosophical. He realises that Shom and Raima haven’t died; they have just turned over a new leaf. He recalls Raima being the reason Swapna and he had met after several years. The two of them had gotten rid of attachment, and what remained between them was pure love. The sorrow of separation was a thing of the past. They were now together.

Harry’s house in Calcutta was teeming with guests. Some were in the hall, while others were in the beautiful porch outside it. Khush and Aneesha had come over from Bombay. Sanjib and Anuradha had driven down from Ballygunge. Anita had arrived a fortnight earlier, but Natasha and Arjun had been around for a while. Harry was in Calcutta to explore some new business prospects.

It was a time for reckoning after the grief that had overcome them all. Harry and Swapna had been the closest to Raima. Harry felt a special connect because Raima had stayed with him a while. And, in her previous birth as Dilip, she had been his mentor. The guests wanted Harry to unravel the connection between Shom, Raima and the people they were in their previous lives.

Seeing Arjun all alone, Swapna joined him in circulating with the guests, as Natasha was too preoccupied with being the centre of attraction. When Khush saw Harry, he went up and they hugged each other. Harry enquired about his new-found love, Aneesha.

“So, you guys have been going through a lot of adventure. You started with Aneesha, while Shom ended with Raima.”

I know that Arjun has kept you updated.”

Yes. And Shom told me about her heroic deeds. Okay, now give me a joint, I need to change my mood and make myself presentable.”

Khush pulled out his vaporiser and both started vaping; inhaling the clean vapour, a good mix of CBD and THC.

Once done, they came down the stairs to join the guests. Harry noticed Natasha and Anita in the porch, dressed in white, as per the Hindu custom for widows. They waved to him and he waved back. Sanjib and Anuradha were with them. Harry got a pleasant surprise when a gorgeous looking woman came up and gave him a hug. It was Aneesha. Harry took an immediate liking for her. She had the perfect body and was almost as tall as him.

The guests in the porch trooped into the hall. Harry met them individually, receiving their condolences for Shom and Raima. Swapna requested for a minute’s silence to pray for the departed souls. Later, each one of them opened their hearts and spoke a few words.

Anuradha held on to Sanjib, breaking down as she spoke. “I hope my late brother Sudip forgives me if I have faulted in looking after Raima. She was just a child when her mother became bedridden. Being married to an inconsiderate man, there were times when I felt I wasn’t doing enough for my niece. Raima was an angel who released me from my marital shackles.”

She was undoubtedly an angel. She made my dreams come true and I couldn’t even thank her,” said Sanjib.

Harry patted him on the back. “Sanjib, I have heard a lot about you. Anuradha and you make a lovely pair. I am sure Raima felt the same.”

Natasha spoke next. “I judged her rather unkindly but I loved her.”

“Shom said that I reminded him of a younger, aggressive Raima; Natasha says the same thing,” added Anita.

“You still are Raima for me,” chipped in Natasha.

It was Khush’s turn to speak. “Shom and I were best friends from the Strand cinema locality of Colaba. Raima sought my help in the Saif Ali case. And now, Aneesha and I did all that we could to track Saif Ali for Shom.”

Aneesha nodded. “I admired Shom for being such a gentleman. He told me how much Khush loved me. And now, Khush and I are back together.”

Aneesha’s expression and purity impressed Harry. “You made the capture of Saif Ali possible, Aneesha.”

“And you are the perfect blend of Khush and Shom,” said Aneesha, returning the compliment.

Before Harry could reply, Swapna stepped forward to say her bit. “Harry and have been in love for close to four decades. I was only 14 and Harry 28 when we first met. Ours was a clandestine affair and we knew that we would have to part. But all our efforts failed. My plan to elope were curtailed by Harry time and again. He made me realise that it would be impossible to live in this world with guilt. My father and I were too attached to each other and according to Harry, he was far too orthodox a man to accept a son-in-law who was much older than I was and penniless in comparison. 

He was, therefore, likely to commit suicide or suffer a heart attack if I did not call off the relationship. Harry thwarted all our attempts to end our lives. We ended up making a huge sacrifice, exactly like Anuradha and Sanjib. It was only my angel Raima who brought us all together. And now she is no more.”

Arjun stepped in to console Swapna. “Raima surely was an angel to so many. She was a great soul and had a great purpose in life. I only knew her as a fighter and my well-wisher. One who fought every wrong. She sacrificed her life to be with Shom. Both are in bliss now. Everything comes after big sacrifices are made; Anuradha-Sanjib, Shom-Raima, Cindy-Dilip, Swapna-Harry, and now Aneesha-Khush.”

“Well said, son!” said Harry, placing his hand on Arjun’s shoulder. “There is a higher purpose to life that goes beyond our lifetime, and is eternal. Nature’s logic is different to the worldly one. Raima’s dad, and before that, Dilip’s mom died when their children were very young. I mentored Raima the way Dilip Dada mentored me. This is how karma balances out. Exactly the same way I balanced out with Shom who worked for me, for what Cindy did for me. She was my teacher, trainer and well-wisher. The past few days have immensely benefited us in acquiring the wisdom of the beyond.” 

Harry’s eyes were moist and his voice choked with emotion. He looked way. He was not his jovial self. Tears trickled down his cheeks as he tried to smile away his embarrassment. He was in bliss. “There is a purpose to everything that happens. Nothing is incidental! The karma may be illogical, yet, it is viable, because it is His purpose. We must practise detached attachment.”

 “What’s that?” enquired Aneesha.

“Exactly what we are doing now. Loving more and caring less,” replied Harry.

“Basically, being bindaas in love,” said Khush.

“Exactly!” said Harry laughingly.

That was the first laugh in the emotion-charged environment. Everyone felt relaxed and Arjun got busy getting everyone a drink. Swapna cosied up with Khush, who had been dying to be with her since the dildo incident. Harry and Aneesha were together in another corner.


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