S2E20: A Goddess in Action

Recap S2E19 – Shamiq and His Goddess:

Shamiq runs into Anita, only to be rebuffed by her. Aneesha and Shamiq discuss their sexuality and end up as friends.

“You forget all about me when you’re with friends,” complained Anita.

“I was trying to wind up early but Shamiq and Aneesha were wondering why a woman with a penis is called a she-male, but a man with breasts is not called a he-female. If a she-male has a prostate, how will a gender change from female to male generate a prostate?” replied Harry.

“What’s happened to you tonight, in the company of two transgenders? Please return to your senses. Let’s quickly have something to eat; I can give you mutton biryani with raita in a jiffy. It’s in the fridge.”

“Nice girl. I love you.”

“Stop saying things for effect!”

Anita got busy in the kitchen and Harry laid the table, as Prakash was on leave. They enjoyed the meal. Anita took him for a walk on the stretch between the sea on one side and the woods on the other.

They chewed paan; an after-dinner digestive, a mouth fresher (like mint), a cooling agent, rich in calcium, alkaline and an antibiotic. They talked about liberated sex and G-spots in men and women. Harry shared his life experiences and how Swapna had always been his strength. Then he told her how Aneesha had become Shamiq’s new goddess. Soon, it was time to get back.

Lying in bed, Harry had just finished chatting with Swapna on WhatsApp and was about to switch off his bed lights when Anita knocked on his bedroom door. She looked irresistible in what she wore, or rather, in what she did not wear.

“I know you are tired I want to give you some goodnight stretches, good for deep sleep,” she said.

As she stretched herself on Harry, his smile broadened. He lapped up Anita’s love as she stretched every limb in his body. This went on with much sighing, especially during the reverse back stretch. Lying on his abdomen, Harry was made to raise his head and feet, pointing them to the ceiling. Assuming the dhanurasana (bow pose), his hands gripped his legs such that his abdomen supported his entire body weight. She did not allow him to get away without holding on to the posture for five minutes at a stretch. She stood on the bed like a guard, to support his body weight when he held on to her in his failed attempts. When he finally succeeded, he just collapsed. Gasping for breath, he took a break with his nightcap Crema De Cacao and broke into an old comical song.

I married a female wrestler

As massive as can be

She had bulging muscles

Which quite fascinated me.

She said she loved me truly

She also said by heck

If I ever catch you fooling around

I’ll break your loving neck.

Ay ay yo, what shall I do?

How shall I save my skin?

I have married a female wrestler

Now look at the mess I’m in.

Ay ay yo, what shall I do?


Harry laughed but Anita didn’t think it was funny; she just took the glass from his hand and bottomed up in a gulp. He looked at her as a goddess. If not Shamiq, why not him, he thought.

As Anita made him lie on his back and went on to arouse his sleeping giant, Harry took a back seat for once and imagined himself to be Shamiq. His goddess was in action and how! She pleasured his body with her tongue.

She was on top of him and slowly, he was inside her. The way she did it was so effortless that he realised only when he felt the warmth enclosing his. Then he saw an unusual glow on her face as she continued to transport him to paradise. He was mesmerised, just watching her expressions change as she reached her emotional culmination.

Oh my God, he wondered. The Divinity on her face was something he had never seen before. She was not Anita, she was his goddess. When she saw him looking at her, she lowered her face to his chest in coyness, to escape his glare. She went off to sleep and he embraced her body to imbibe all her godliness. His own paradise remained inside her, assuming the shape of a bow now, slowly receding with a sensation of immense pleasure he had never experienced before. This feeling intensified as the receding went through several layers. Both quivered with intense sensation. Finally, both moaned as it came out of her like a cork popping out of a bottle of champagne. This led to an intense sexual arousal in both. Now it was Harry’s turn to serve his goddess. He pinned her down with one pinnacle after other, till they were completely submerged in each other.


To be continued…

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