S2E21: The Morning After

Recap S2E20 – A Goddess in Action:

Harry and Anita step out for a walk after dinner. Harry extols the virtues of chewing paan. Returning home, Anita gives him some body stretches. They end up submerged in one another.

Harry and Anita woke up in the morning facing one another. Anita reciprocated Harry’s smile as they remembered the previous night.

Anita got out of bed to begin her workout and chores. Harry was still in a world of his own, thinking about the night before and wondering why he saw the goddess in Anita he hadn’t seen in Swapna years ago. He realised that the love Swapna and he made was never guilt-free, therefore not worthy of such purity. With Anita it was different. With no attachment, there was no guilt.

He went back to the night before. Anita had reached her zenith without him getting there. Her pleasure was so intense that he was mesmerised by her expression. Drained with exhaustion, she collapsed on him, enclosed in his arms, her head buried in his chest. She was asleep with him inside her, assuming the shape of a bow. Although he was not done, he felt heavenly because he had given her this joy. Was this not salvation, he wondered.

Furthermore, the pleasure of his manhood receding was one he had never experienced before. Enjoying his sacrifice was salvation indeed, he realised, answering his own question.

On hearing Anita’s footsteps, he quickly ran to the toilet with the glass of untouched orange juice that Anita had placed on his side table a while earlier. Anita knocked on the bathroom door to let him know that he’d be late for work unless he completed his workout in 30 minutes flat. Harry rushed through his chores and skipped breakfast to make it in time for his first meeting.

Harry was indeed blessed, revealed the smile on the chauffer’s face as he saw Harry being fed by Anita in the rear-view mirror.

After dropping Harry at his office in Ballard Estate, Anita went off to see Natasha. With her dues fully cleared by Mariwala and the comfort of living with Harry, her mind was racing with ideas.

It wasn’t the same for Harry. Being much younger and aggressive, Anita stuck to her mission of keeping him on his toes, or rather making him touch his toes without bending his knees. Harry could impress Anita only with his planks; on other fronts he had a long way to go. To give her more time, he had no option but to stop his yoga sessions.

Why be limited to yoga when you can do extensive stretching exercises with a help of therapist like Anita, he thought. Moreover, meditation isolated negativity and disciplined the mind to stay focussed.

Suddenly Harry’s phone rang. It was Anita enquiring about his lunch. Prakash being away, she would have to prepare it.

“You treated me like a queen last night. I have never felt like that, this was by far the best,” she gushed.

“You are my Queen of Sheeba,” replied Harry.

Is Sheeba a place?”

“Yes, in my heart!” said Harry laughingly and Anita joined in.

“I tried to get up and return to my room but couldn’t after the double dose.” 

“Why would you go? I love to cuddle and sleep.”

“What you did to me was unbelievable. I was in heaven. You gave me such a massage. Oh my God! You are a wizard! I just went off to sleep.”

“You have done it for me so many times, what I did was learnt from you.” 

Before Anita could reply, Harry heard Natasha’s voice in the background. It was time to get back to work. He had never known Anita to be so emotional; she probably would not have allowed herself to be so in person as that would be too revealing. Harry was moved.

Giving a massage to a masseuse is a service to God, he thought. Bliss can only be reached after salvation. Bliss is salvation.


To be continued…

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