S2E22: Testing Times

Recap S2E21 – The Morning After:

Harry and Anita wake up remembering their encounter of the previous night. Harry realises that his love for Anita is guilt-free because it is without attachment.

Anita drops him to work before going off to see Natasha. Harry realises that giving a massage to a masseuse is a service to God.

Harry was still in his office. The day was drawing to a close and the staff were winding up. He looked up to see a familiar frame. It was Khush; the only person who could walk into his cabin without permission. Harry was glad to see him but not the way he looked.

“What’s the matter, why so depressed?” he enquired.

“The country is coming to a grinding halt, even NaMo supporters are worried now,” replied Khush.

“Yes, it’s a change, a drastic one, but for the better.”


“He’s a modern-day Robin Hood.” 

“All the big industrialists are panicking. Every second company is closing down. How’s that good?”

“If the middle class and the poor prosper at the cost of middlemen who pocket all the money, the economy is going to boom.”


“If a handful of people make money and spend most of it buying from Amazon or abroad is converted to the buying power of millions of farmers, workers, artists and entrepreneurs, the buying power will rise manifold.” 

“What are you trying to say when all of us including you are suffering?”

“This is the most difficult phase. We have suffered because the banks have cut off our non-fund and funding limits. Most of the private clients have become NPAs and have invoked advance bank guarantees. Many of our orders are on hold. Yet, I am relaxed because this is a small sacrifice for the nation. Our youth will be proud of their country in the days to come. The young generation may truly become rid of the white skin complex the country has. They will not suffer as we did when we were young.” 

“You have a way with your thoughts to make him look good. What about denouncing other religions and talking about throwing out the minorities from the country? What about banning cow meat?”

“I agree, no one has the authority to dictate your eating habits. What to eat should be decided by the consumer and not by the authorities who prohibit the sale for their agenda. I earnestly hope he corrects this along with other things that are banned. Let’s step out. The times they are a-changin’, let’s change with the times, the early birds will enjoy the happy hours!” said Harry.

They stepped into the Clearing House lounge, at walking distance from his office and settled down with a drink.

“Where’s Aneesha?” asked Harry.

“Getting along well with Shamiq,” replied Khush.

“And Swapna, where is she?”

“I thought I would meet you before I meet her.” 

“Why you want my permission?” 

“Because you love each other.” 

“No! Love is not about each other, relationships are.” 

“Of course you do, and she does too.” 

“Love is independent, devoid of relationship, how can it be with each other?”

“What crap is that? Love is not with each other, who’s going to believe that?” 

“Love is between the souls, not between individuals. That’s a relationship.” 

“Don’t you guys make love even now?”

“Yes! We do and it’s bliss. This is a detached attachment. Where we discover and love our own self more and more. The relationship is not between us but between our souls. We are trying to possess ourselves and not each other. Love is free, love is freedom!” 

“This is completely beyond me. All I can see is you are a completely liberated man and so is she.” 

“No! Honestly, I am only trying to get there, it’s a path to enjoy your salvation. What you were asking me were indeed burning questions that I ask myself and when I get the answers, it is bliss.” 

“Where is Anita?”

“With Natasha. We are in the same boat.”

Just then there was a call on Harry’s phone. It was Swapna. Khush’s eyes popped open.


To be continued…

Author: Tapan Ghosh
Film maker, writer, thinker, rolled into one The creative me is a lot of fun. What you see here are my expressions true I hope they strike a chord within you.


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