S2E23: Aneesha and Shamiq’s Double Enjoyment

Recap S2E22 – Testing Times:

Harry and Khush are in office, winding up for the day. Khush is concerned about the downturn in the economy and its impact on their business. He questions NaMo’s policies.

Harry assures him that better days are in the pipeline. However, he agrees that the authorities should stay away from dictating dietary preferences of citizens.

Harry goes on to explain the difference between relationship and love. While relationship is between people, love can only be between souls.

Harry’s phone buzzed. Swapna was on the line. Khush’s eyes popped up. He was about to rise to leave the room when Harry activated the speaker.

“Is Khush with you?” asked Swapna.

Harry laughed aloud and said, “Yes, and he won’t believe that you called me to enquire about him.”

Khush fished out his phone, only to curse himself when he saw that there were several calls from Swapna he had missed because his phone was on silent mode. Harry handed him over his phone.

“Hello, Khush! Aneesha tells me that she is getting together with Shamiq. Why didn’t you tell me? Please come home; I’m waiting for you.”

Khush was thrilled but felt awkward. Harry immediately called Anita for a dinner date.

As Harry and Khush went down to their respective cars. Harry’s thoughts travelled to Aneesha and Shamiq and their long-awaited adventure.


“What are you up to, Shamiq?” asked Aneesha.

“Nothing in particular,” replied Shamiq. “When can we meet?”


“Wonderful! You have been featuring in my wet dreams.”

“I love the way you talk, Shamiq! I’m at home. Come over anytime you want.”

Shamiq rushed out to be with her, in his brother-in-law’s sprawling apartment at Dalamal Towers, one floor below his own apartment. He ran down the steps, rang the doorbell and voila! Dressed in nothing but her briefs, Aneesha opened the door.

“No one’s here. I have some joints rolled up and ready,” she said.

“Where’s my bro?”

“With Harry; he knows we’re together.”

“My guru. I’m a kid in comparison, only slightly older than Anita.”

Aneesha pulled him up close and gave him a voluptuous kiss that left him gasping for breath. She lay him down on the bed. “Don’t talk about that bitch.”

“She’s a bitch all right, we’ll get even with her,” he said, going for Aneesha’s juicy armpits. He sucked them out and she was in heaven. His tongue was longer and stronger than his dick. He licked every part of her body, every bit was sensational. Her body was on fire and that in turn fired up his tongue further.

He went for her lips – the ones hidden under her panties. The outies looked enticing. They assumed a position with Aneesha on top, struggling to arouse his, while his tongue went through all the layers from the tip of the cervix to her depth.

Aneesha moaned as she exclaimed, “There is no single sensitive spot, we have multiple ones and you have just made me experience that. The tip of course is the most pronounced one.”

“Yeah, that was great for me too and now I’ll go for you male sensitive spot,” he said, as he put his fingers though her rectum.

His fingers inside her butt and tongue inside her were separated only by a thin membrane. The fingers probed deeper to press her prostate against his tongue. Aneesha screamed with pleasure. This was a rare combination of two unusual souls locked in an unconventional encounter. A paradise reserved for God’s favourite. Shamiq got a hard on inside her mouth. Before they climaxed, they quickly changed their positions, being in total harmony with each other. Aneesha on top lowered herself to his and both of them rapidly stroked each other and climaxed together. His tiny one was larger than ever before. It regressed and withdrew gradually with multiple sensations. Shamiq was experiencing the time of his life.

“Oh my God, what a sensation!” he exclaimed. “This is how a dog and a bitch continue their pleasure.”

“What has woman on top to do with a dog and a bitch?”

“Dogs make the most of the prolonged regression but we make fun of them.”

They fell asleep in each other’s arms. When they awoke, Shamiq remembered the joint Aneesha had mentioned earlier. Soon they were merrily smoking up.

“I love you as my younger brother.”

“Why not, in our community we don’t use derogatory terms such as incest, we’re too bindaas.”

“I have planned something for us,” said Aneesha mischievously.


“I wondered why shouldn’t a double-headed toy be designed for use by both genders and got one for us.”

“Yes! Why not?”

“I got this one made to order. Here we are,” she said as she pulled out the packet. “From Philadelphia’s best pleasure shop ‘The Velvet Lily’. I placed the order the day we first met.”

“You’re my goddess, not Anita. She just took me for a ride.”

“Forget about her. I’m your elder sister, I will protect you from her. I got this for your sensitive spot, like you did for mine, now we’ll do it to each other.”

They went through the instruction manual, excited to see photos of two men; their butts.


To be continued…

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