S2E24: Memories of Another Day

Recap S2E23 – Aneesha and Shamiq’s Double Enjoyment

Shamiq meets up with Aneesha at her apartment. Before they know it, the two of them are into each other. Shamiq tells Aneesha about dogs and bitches prolonging their pleasure through gradual regression.

Approaching Nepean Sea Road to meet Swapna, Khush recalled the time 12 years ago when he took up an honorary assignment as Deputy Chief of the Bomb Squad in the days following 26/11. The squad was summoned early one morning after having worked through the night maintaining vigilance. An explosion had occurred, followed by a continuous earth-shattering sound. The residents of the upmarket area were panic-stricken. The police and the fire brigade were already there when the Bomb Squad arrived. Khush walked past the police cordon and saw an empty steel bin from which the bone-shattering sound emanated. It spelt danger, or worse, death.

Clad in a titanium alloy armour and using a long pole, the Bomb Squad tipped the bin over with a forceful jab. A rod-like object sprung out, kicking up dust around where it fell on the ground. Whirring with vibration, it flipped and tossed about in a dance for everyone to see.

The Chief of the Bomb Squad looked thoroughly perplexed.

“What on earth is this gadget?” he asked.

Someone from the crowd was heard saying, “looks like a dancing snake.”

The crowd broke out in laughter. The chief cautiously inched towards the vibrating item while the people peeping from windows came out in their balconies, watching the drama unfold below. This was when Khush side-stepped the chief and grabbed the vibrating rod. He picked it up for everyone to see and switched it off. The smile on his face said it all.

It appeared as though he was defusing a bomb. What followed was a huge applause. He was a hero! The ever-present news reporters and the camera flashers who were in their element post-26/11, made Khush instantly famous.

Khush was beaming with pride and looking at people applauding from their balconies. His eyes were constantly in search of the owner of the dildo, not as a bomb squad man for disturbing the peace, but in his personal capacity to oblige the damsel in distress. This was his second nature. He conducted his search and when he eventually landed in the apartment, he could tell from his years of experience that the dildo belonged to Swapna.

Raima tried to protect Swapna by claiming to be the owner. Swapna gave him the cold shoulder; it was the first time in his life that a woman had rejected him. He was depressed, but Raima being younger, sexier and eager, was fair compensation. This was before Raima had met Shom, and Khush had no idea of Harry’s existence, leave alone the fact that Harry and Swapna had been soulmates in the past.

Khush’s thoughts brought him back to the present as he stood in front of Swapna’s apartment door after 12 years. She answered the doorbell. Seeing her in an inviting mood, he lifted her off her feet and took her to the luxurious bed in her private chamber.

To be continued…

Author: Tapan Ghosh
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