S2E25 – Blow Hot, Blow Cold

As he lay her down on the bed she held on to him and pulled him down on herself. It was a test of his reflexes to buffers his fall and make a soft landing on her. His face landed softly on her exposed cleavage, which reacted to his warm breath, enticing her to no limits. Slowly, the tip of his tongue around her areola, making her sigh and moan deeply, as Khush kept moving it around. Swapna was completely afire and she led him inside her. Khush had never known her to be so aggressive and was exhausted by the time they were done.

You’re my saviour, like Anita is for Harry. You will help my connection with Harry from going back to a relationship,” said Swapna.

You and Harry speak the same lingo, it’s all beyond me. We’re just satisfying our urges, why think beyond that?” countered Khush.

Both were startled on hearing the door being banged loudly. It was Natasha. They jumped out of bed. Swapna wore her gown and screamed at Natasha. Stepping out of the room, she pushed Natasha aside and shut the door to give Khush much-needed time. She led Natasha into the hall.


Natasha exploded. “If Harry is with you, why did Anita ditch me? She told me she had a date with Harry. Why did that bitch lie?” she screamed.

Harry is not here. If he was, he would have set you right,” replied Swapna.

Then who’s with you? No man has ever come to this house before. How dare you get someone here?”

I can do as I please. Keep yourself to your bedroom, don’t even come to this part of the house.”

Why not? This is my house, not yours.”

You are only a part-owner and I can buy you off for very little. Property prices have crashed.”

I’ll buy you off from my shares in the company.”

Unfortunately, your shares have very little value. Your dad was a drunken rotter; he blew up all the money. I had to work hard and get this house out of mortgage and bring you up single-handedly.”

How do we have so much money?”

Harry’s company has contracted its logistics to our company. That keeps us afloat. I’m glad you’re asking me so many questions. I have been wanting you to take some interest.”

Natasha burst out crying. “Are we so badly off?”

No my child, we’re not, but you can help the company grow. After I’m gone, you’ll have to make the company grow and make you mother and grandpa proud.”

I’ll make you proud, ma,” she said, hugging her mom.

I’m sure you will,” replied Swapna, reciprocating the hug.

Swapna wondered if she was too harsh on her daughter. But this seemed to be the only way to make her daughter independent. Her own father was 90, and pressing her to take charge of his business. Natasha cooled down and all was well between mother and daughter again.

Khush came out of the bedroom, all ready to go. “Is everything all right between the two of you?” he asked.


To be continued…

Author: Tapan Ghosh
Film maker, writer, thinker, rolled into one The creative me is a lot of fun. What you see here are my expressions true I hope they strike a chord within you.


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